What is an affiliate program?

Basically, an affiliate program works as a great network business on the Internet. It usually works with the payment of commissions to third parties who are responsible for publicizing and selling the products or services of other companies. Internet earnings usually occur through affiliate links, where a promoter (affiliate) advertises and sells various products (usually info products) across multiple channels.

This is the main question of who is starting in this universe, because although it seems simple, it is necessary to learn and absorb certain knowledge about the area, such as the use of platforms, system of commissions and other issues inherent to the activity. Just below we will understand the main steps to start making money with affiliates.

Set a specific niche to work with

It is common for beginners to think that the more products to sell better, however, this practice may not be interesting due to the lack of focus and management that can arise with the diversity of options. The best way to start is to choose a niche market that you know and identify, as this will facilitate your work as a whole, given that it is easier to sell what is known.

Create a website or blog

Creating a website or a blog is imperative for anyone who wants to make money online with affiliate programs because it is through the published content that the income will begin to emerge. In this way, the definition of the niche is one of the most important parts, since all the content production and consequently of the affiliate links should be based on subjects that you dominate. When in doubt about how to create your web project or how to produce cool content, read our previous articles and enjoy the tips to start profiting from affiliate programs.

Traffic Generation

Another secret to succeed with affiliate programs is precisely the generation of traffic. This is perhaps the most important challenge for beginners and for more experienced professionals. Traffic generation is the most important factor simply because without traffic there are no visitors, and without visitors there is no sales. And so, the whole idea of ​​affiliates makes no sense at all. Therefore, just as content production is important, the same efforts to make the disclosure and generate traffic should also be as or even more important. Remember: no visitors, no winnings!

Reach the right audience

Another common mistake is not defining the audience you want to target with the products. This factor is also linked to the production of content and the generation of traffic, because it is necessary to understand what people are looking for to make a successful offer. So, by defining your niche and the products you want to promote you know more about the potential audience that might be interested and consuming what you are selling. To get started, know your age group, your personal preferences, your beliefs and even your main fears. You will see that all this will only help you with the previous steps we mentioned here.

Know the products and services you are promoting

It may sound funny, but in the eagerness to make money fast, many end up forgetting the main thing is to know the product that is selling. Have you ever imagined not being able to answer a question from a customer, or did not pay attention to an important observation about the product you are promoting? All this can demonstrate certain amateurism and ruin the sales possibilities. So be on the inside and know everything about what you are selling or want to sell.

 Create videos

Videos are forms of dissemination that give more dynamism and ease of understanding about a particular product, because they eliminate certain barriers that may arise in relation to the text. Whether it’s selling a simple e-book or even an electronic product, it’s worth investing in that format to heal doubts and promote your sales. In addition, the videos also give greater engagement and identification by the users, because with time the confidence in their professional image will be a big selling factor.

Weblink Affiliate Program

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Step 3: After disclosing your affiliate link and converting it into sales you need to wait for confirmation by the system.

Step 4: When a customer confirms a purchase through his affiliate link, there is an analysis to validate his commission.

Step 5: After everything has been confirmed, you will receive your commission according to the indicated product.


Making money online with affiliate programs is an increasingly common and present reality, being an alternative income and work for many people. However, to achieve good results and satisfactory earnings, you need to plan and work hard, because you will hardly be able to make exorbitant gains in the first few months. However, it is worth mentioning that the work of affiliates, as well as other areas also has its difficulties and may not be so promising for those who do not have the focus and the necessary skills. If you want to get started in this area, learn as much as you can and review the best affiliate programs because all of your earnings will depend solely on your ability and performance.