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8 Free Shopify Themes That Convert

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8 Free Shopify Themes That Convert

Creating a new e-commerce site is now easy with the arrival of Shopify which makes it easier to create online stores, even for novices in the field. Entrepreneurs, people with no basis in website development just have to register on the platform and choose a type of subscription to take advantage of the different free Shopify themes available.

Free Shopify themes aim to reduce the time spent designing your designs. These free themes will allow you to add your products and better adjust your drawings with your content.

In addition to reducing your design creation costs, free Shopify themes help you build a professional and modern site while having custom designs. If you’ve just gotten into online commerce, these free shopify themes are the best way to cut your fees.

Without further ado, we now give you a list of 8 free Shopify themes that you can use for your ecommerce store. If you are looking for a paid theme, I recommend the excellent speedfly theme for dropshipping.

Free Shopify Themes: Brooklyn

With the Brooklyn theme, you are entitled to two different styles, the “classic” and the “playful”. The classic style is perfect for clothing stores and clothing retailers. This design highlights the clothing products through the photo from the top.

In terms of playful style, it offers you a more advanced formula of Brooklyn. With its bright colors, you can for example use it for a children’s clothing store. The slideshow at the top of the page is used to highlight several products. This is one of the main and best features of the Brooklyn theme. It is also possible to get a product grid that will serve as a gallery to display your most popular products.

Free Shopify Themes: Narrative

The “narrative” theme is also free. This is one of Shopify’s most popular themes. It presents different styles with different colors. The “Narrative” theme is often used to create small catalogs. It therefore adapts particularly to new companies that have just started.

The “narrative” theme is very interesting when it comes to visual storytelling. Customizing your content, text and images helps introduce your customers to your brand story.

Three types of design are available: “Warm”, “Light” and “Cold”. At the level of the themes “Warme” and “Light”, they can be used for different types of stores. Here it is possible to put in the background, a video. All this gives the visitor a good impression.

The theme “Cold” is rather moderate and minimalist. One can use this theme for all types of stores.

Fixed navigation provides a user experience of navigation. Indeed, the menu is displayed when the user scrolls down the page. This leads him to the right buttons to press when he has to redirect elsewhere. There is also a vertical slideshow to offer a better presentation of your products, your articles, as well as your usual images.

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Free Shopify Themes: Minimal

“Minimal” is the theme to use if you are looking for a rather simple and easily usable theme. It offers 3 different styles including “vintage”, “fashion” and “modern” design. The “Vintage” and “Fashion” styles have great similarities and offer very interesting content on the screen. Their white background offers a rather clean and responsive content.

As for the “modern” style, it is also clean and simple to set up. It is very well suited for interior decoration products.

One of the main features of the “Minimal” theme is the slideshow supporting large images of your best products. The slideshow is located on the home page. This allows you to convert as many people as possible through a beautiful introduction of your page. There is a feature of zooming in on the product images that you can enjoy. It is very useful when it comes to selling detailed products such as clothing.

Indeed, some customers want to examine the material of your fabrics, the drawings, and this is where the zoom becomes interesting. The home page video is directly linked to YouTube or Vimeo. With this video, you will be able to present your new products and make their advertisements.

There is also a convex product system set up that allows you to display an upsell list directed to the bottom of the page. So in addition to selling, you will also guide customers through their buying process.

Free Shopify Themes: Boundless

Of all the free Shopify themes, the Boundless theme is characterized by its image that covers almost the entire screen. Here, we denote two different designs: the “black & white” and the “vibrant”.

“Black & white” is rather conservative and is used a lot for sites that require high-resolution photos. It is suitable for many industries. This “black & white” style can be used to display products such as clothing and jewelry. As for the “Vibrant” version, it has a much more aggressive and playful style. This design could be used for a skateboard shop or even a bike shop.

The Boundless theme is composed of social media icons, numerous color combinations as well as several customizable content sections on the homepage.

The Boundless theme guarantees you to have a video at your homepage. This is to create a media-rich environment to attract the attention of your visitors. To do this, you just have to copy and paste a YouTube or Vimeo video. Your pasted video is therefore presented to your different visitors when they find themselves on your homepage.

The Boundless theme also provides you with a unique product gallery and a complete optimization of large images.

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Find your free shopify theme
Find your free shopify theme

Free Shopify Themes: Simple

This is a clear and attractive Shopify theme. It offers two styles: the first “light” and the second, the “beauty”. These two different styles have as their main similarity a lot of white in the background. With this theme, you will be able to sell a larger collection of products.

“Light” offers you an accordion menu, very interesting for people with a department store. The side menu with the accordion menu allows you to present all the products directly to your customers. Thus, it is possible to expose many products at the bar level, and this without taking up too much space.

The advantage of the related products model is that your site visitor can quickly and easily add one of the displayed products to their cart. Then, a request is sent to him to know if he wishes to continue making purchases. All this serves to increase its conversion rate and increase its revenues. In addition to this, you guarantee your visitors a much better user experience given the fluidity in the process of buying items.

There is also an image zoom function to better observe the quality of your products.

A rather peculiar feature of the “Simple” theme concerns image animations. Image animations aren’t always found in most free Shopify themes though, they’re a nice transition between your different images.

By way of summary, it must be said that the theme “simple” is very well suited for any type of business regardless of its sector of activity.

Free Shopify Themes: Venture

It is part of the free Shopify themes dedicated to sports and adventure activities. For example, it can be a snowboard shop or boxing accessories. Speaking of which, it should be noted that the “Venture” theme offers three different styles; namely the “Snowboards”, the “Outdoors” as well as the “Boxing”.

“Boxing” is perfect for stores that sell a lot of items. However, it is not exclusively dedicated to boxing. As for the “Snowboard” design, it displays many combinations of fonts and colors with a modern style. It is also used in stores with a high rate of product sales. At the “Outdoors” level, there is a navigation menu with product information. There is also a rather interesting filtering function.

At the level of the header module we find a large image as well as a text that is inscribed on it. This could be used to present his company or even talk about any promotion.

The “Venture” theme is designed for broad product categories. So avoid using it if you plan to sell only a handful of products.

The multi-column menu with the links it contains gives more information and details about the products. A slideshow is also available on the home page. You can only put it on the homepage. It is a powerful tool that is used to display all the promotions of your products or to improve their visibility.

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The “Venture” theme is certainly free, but it is one of the richest free shopify themes in terms of features.

Free Shopify Themes: Start

The Debut theme has a somewhat minimal design, with an almost retro setup resembling a blog or an ordinary business website. The “Debut” theme has two different styles: “Light” and “Default”.

The “light” style is rather clear and uncluttered. Which is rather interesting for online stores that sell furniture. At the very top of your site, there will be a large image available to present your different products. This template also provides you with a “trend” section that promotes specific products.

In terms of the “Default” design, it is a rather minimal and retro style similar to a blog. It has been designed specifically to highlight your brand as well as the products you offer to customers. Here you highlight your products through all the details about them.

The Shopify “Debut” theme is rather dynamic and offers buttons to head to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. On the slideshow on the homepage, you will be able to view videos about the products. This is to create a kind of experience with the slideshows and switch from video to image.

What free shopify themes for your e-commerce site

Free Shopify Themes: Supply

The Shopify “Supply” theme offers two different styles: “Blue” and “Light”. The “Blue” is perfect for online shops that sell technological products like cameras, etc. The “light” is better suited to shops dedicated to fashion. With this design, you will be able to highlight your collections.

“Supply” is one of the free Shopify themes for selling in large quantities. The homepage is also directly involved in the sales process. It highlights large collections of products as well as galleries. There is also a slideshow to share some information about your promotions.

Here it is possible to customize the filters according to the uniqueness of one’s own brand. The home page is composed of different modules in which you can build featured collections. It can for example be a collection of your most popular products or even fashion items only dedicated to men or women, etc.

It’s all about this article about the best free themes you can find on Shopify that convert. Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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