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About Us Page on Shopify: 3 Key Tips

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About Us Page on Shopify: 3 Key Tips

For many brands, and not just for dropshipping stores on Shopify, the “About Us” or “Our Story” page is a low-priority item next to everything on the to-do list for launch. An “About Us” page in Shopify is more than a secondary page to fill with generic “just because” content.

The content on this page fulfills a number of roles, ranging from improving organic search marketing to setting the tone of your brand and what it stands for.

Let’s see how to add an “About Us” page in Shopify. We’ll also look at what these pages are, the anatomy of an “About Us” page, and tips for making sure your “About Us” page helps turn visitors into customers.

What is an “About Us” page and how important is it?

An “About Us” page is a set of information about your Shopify store that focuses on the main points of sale or your brand’s history. It showcases your unique selling position, tells a story and aims to make a lasting impression on customers who want to know more. It allows you to reassure and show your face, an identity that exists and that avoids thinking that your site is a scam.

Buyers who don’t know your brand want to know more about the people they give their money to. Trust is a huge factor in online shopping and you’d better believe a customer will do their research if they’re worried about making purchases with a new brand.

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In fact, 52% of visitors to a brand’s homepage will use the “About Us” page to learn more about a business.

A potential customer should be able to visit your About Us page in Shopify and use that information to make a purchase decision with confidence.

What should the “About Us” page contain?

The content of an “About Us” page varies greatly, as companies and industries are different. Your audience, your personality and that of the owner, your products, your industry, etc. are all factors that determine the content of your “About Us” page.

That said, there is a strategic approach to creating a good “About Us” page for ecommerce. For ecommerce, you want your content to meet a number of goals:

  • Communicate your brand story.
  • Summarize your brand’s business model.
  • Humanize your brand with your faces and those of your team.
  • Use persuasive and engaging content.
  • Describe your ideal customer and how you will help them.
  • Show the benefits of working with you to improve customer trust.

What you include will vary, but keep in mind that visitors expect to find certain types of information. In fact, a study by Huff Industrial Marketing asked respondents to weigh the strengths of brand content that impact credibility.

While many of the content listed can and should be included in an “About Us” page, note that “About Team Information and Biographies” is considered quite or very important compared to other content. Visitors want to know who you are!

When you create your “About Us” page in Shopify, make sure your audience isn’t just getting to know you, but also knows why they should buy from you.

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Thus and in my opinion, the most important criteria to add this page which is mandatory are:

  • To put a video or an image of you, your local, your team.
  • Tell us why you started this business.
  • Show testimonials and how you have changed the lives of your customers.

This page can be considered as a guarantee of your image and the bond of trust you establish with your customers.

How to add an “About Us” page in Shopify

To add an “About Us” page to your Shopify store:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your admin
    dashboardGo to your admin dashboard by going to the Shopify account sign-in page. Enter the login information you used when setting up your store. Enter your login credentials
  • Step 2: Click on “Online Store” from the left menu. When you click on this option, the administrative navigation of your store opens. Click the “Pages” link in the navigation to see the current pages of your store and to add new pages. Click on the “Pages.
  • Step 3: Click “Add Page”. If you’re creating your first “About Us” page in Shopify, click the blue “Add Page” button to open the new page creator. Click the blue “Add Page” button to open the new page creator.
  • Step 4: Add your content and give your page a name. Clicking on “Add Page” opens the visual editor. This editor has limited functionality with only a few fields that you can use to create your “About Us” page in Shopify.
  • Step 5: Save the page. When you are done adding content, be sure to click “Save” at the top to avoid losing your work. If you leave the visibility “Visible”, your content will be considered live when you click “Save”. Note that if you do not put a link to the page, for example in your menu, visitors will not be able to easily access this content. However, search engines can still index content and display it in organic search even if it’s not linked to your menu.
  • Step 6: Add the page to your menu. In order for your About Us page in Shopify to be visible to visitors, you need to add it to your menu. To do this, add your new page to your menu. Click Navigation in the left menu. Click the menu you want to edit. This is usually the “Main Menu”. Click the menu On the menu page, you will see the menu items currently visible in your navigation. Click “Add Menu Item” to add a new link or page to your store’s main menu.
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In this way, you will get a page about us or our history present in the header menu, so in the lead. You can do the same by repeating the operation for the footer menu at the bottom of the page.

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