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Cookie Banner: 10 Free Cookie Banner Apps on Shopify

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Here is a list of 10 cookie banner apps that you can find on Shopify . They are completely free.

EU Cookie Bar ‑ developed by Booster apps

If you want to implement a security system to attract customers’ attention , EU Cookie bar app developed by Booster Apps, a popular e-commerce developer, will be of great help to you. It will indeed live up to your expectations. All its attractive features give online stores assets that build customer confidence.

First, the EU Cookie Bar application respects European law. It is perfectly adapted to online stores opened in Europe. It guides them in legal terms. In addition, the cookie banner that the application displays informs your customers that the store uses the cookie. Once the cookie has been accepted by the users, the banner disappears.

With the EU Cookie application, store administrators have the possibility to modify the content of the cookie terms of use. In addition, the store rules are sent to visitors so that they have all the essential information relating to the store’s sales and return policy.

It should be noted that the application is completely free.

Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar developed by Coupo

Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar will help you collect information from your customers. However, you have to get their permission first and it’s pretty easy to get it with GDPR.

The EU/GDPR Cookie Bar displays a cookie banner that tells users that your website uses cookies. They can therefore consult your privacy policy. The cookie banner automatically disappears when visitors accept your terms. It is possible to customize the banner according to your theme by modifying the content and color. So it will be more suitable for your store. Your customers will be wowed by your amazing content. Additionally, the cookie banner is compatible with most Shopify themes.

This application is free; download it to see how it works

GDPR Cookie Compiler par Metizsoft solutions pvt ltd

The GDPR Cookie Compiler designed by Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd is an application that helps you in achieving GDPR cookie compliance. Indeed, you will get them quickly and effortlessly. In addition, your will be better adapted to European regulations and will display a banner of cookies.

This application offers many rather interesting features. First, the structure of the cookie banner can be easily customized. It is possible to modify its color, its size and the font of the writings in order to adapt it to the design of the website. Second, the GDPR Cookie Compiler application designed by Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd is compatible with most languages. More specifically, the cookie banner will be displayed for all countries of the European Union.

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Thirdly, it must be meant that the application is easy to install and use. One click is all it takes to comply with the regulations. With this application, you no longer need to rely on developers to ensure compliance with EU compliance rules for your application. In addition to saving money, you will also save a lot of time spent on this. Now is the time to install it and enjoy its free trial version.

EU GDPR Cookies Notification by Omega

EU Cookies Notification displays a notification that informs customers that an online store uses cookies. If the customer accepts the conditions, he will not see them again for 60 days following this choice. Thanks to the EU GDPR Cookies Notification application developed by Omega, you will be able to inform your customers that your online store uses cookies. The notification reminds them of the policies to follow.

Besides that, it is possible to customize where the notification will appear on the screen. It doesn’t matter if you have a good connection or not, it’s a 100% mobile application that will adapt to your connection. Customers using their phone, Android or IOS, will see an optimized timer.

If you decide to install the European cookie, you will receive free and prompt assistance from technical support. The assistance will help you in the optics of the resolution of all the difficulties which you can meet.

The application is totally free .

GDPR Backpack developed by Isenselabs

“Free GDPR + Cookie Management” was designed by Isenselabs. This is a completely free Shopify extension. This GDPR solution will allow you to stay in compliance with the latest regulations in force. There are customization options for the cookie banner such as changes in colors, position, buttons, texts, etc. The cookie banner asks for the user’s opinion by presenting them with a link that redirects them to your privacy policy.

The application has many advantages. In addition to being customizable, it supports GDPR requests and has a GDPR page entirely dedicated to them. This application adapts perfectly to mobile phones.

Here, there is no need to modify anything at the time of installing or even using the application. Installation is just a click away, and the app has a support center at your disposal to help you with any issues.

Cookies Banner – Shopify
Cookies Banner – Shopify

This application is 100% free, and it is a very good alternative to all paid GDPR solutions. This free solution also allows you to manage cookies and offers you a dedicated page with GDPR tools. Customers can decide for themselves which cookies to use or not.

Easy GDPR + cookie bar by Innonic

Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar app developed by Innonic will help you get GDPR compliance and Cookies bar easily. This application has the ability to protect you and your store from audits and data breaches. Indeed, all organizations have a duty to comply with GDPR regulations. If necessary, they will have to pay a penalty of more than 20 million euros or up to 4% of the annual global turnover. This application will therefore help you to avoid having to pay such fines and the money stored will be used to develop your store.

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In addition, the eu Cookie Bar offered by this application is equipped with a multilingual system. This multilingual system can automatically translate the app into 24 EU languages. The application also allows users to access and modify their personal data. They can for example decide to modify, delete or even take this data with them.

Now install the app and enjoy it for free.

GDPR Cookie Notice Bar par hulkapps.com

The GDPR Cookie Notice Bar app gives merchants such a good experience. Indeed, it not only enables them to achieve their business goals but also to increase the revenue flowing from their website from the set of amazing features it has.

First of all, it is possible to display a cookie banner only for European users, thanks to the GDPR Cookie Notice Bar application. Given that many websites continue to collect data to offer more targeted content to their customers, the style of the cookie banner remains rather influenced by the offers as well as the commercial objectives of the company.

This application follows European standards regarding cookies and GDPR. In addition to this, it is possible to modify your interface in order to attract many more customers . You just have to modify it until it meets your expectations.

The installation is done in one click and the application is free to use. Moreover, you can display your cookie banner with GDPR, without even needing programming skills.

General Data Protection Regulation
General Data Protection Regulation

FREE > GDPR Cookie Bar – Kooke par Sales Squad

This application is suitable for all stores or websites whose business is online sales . It attracts Western visitors and obviously brings back loyal customers.

This application requires you to immediately follow the laws dictated by the European cookie. Once downloaded and modified, your website will have a cookie banner worthy of a professional. This cookie banner will remind new customers that your online store uses cookies.

It is up to your new customers to click and accept cookies by freely giving their consent. In addition, on this application, it is possible to set the cookie banner mode. The banner will remain in the same position until the customer accepts the use of cookies. It is only once the cookies have been accepted that the banner will disappear from view. However, the cookie banner will reappear again if the user resets their web history cookies.

As in the other cases, it is also possible to modify the background colors, the colors of the buttons in order to improve the appearance of your online store.

With its free, you should try to download this application.

GDPR Cookie Bar par Thrust apps

The GDPR Cookie Bar application developed by Thrust has a predefined design that blends perfectly into any design. The floating bar is made with responsive CSS to ensure its shape should adapt properly to all types of screens.

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This application gives you the possibility to customize your colors, your texts, your font as well as the background, and all that, in a few clicks from a dashboard established in the application. From a geographical targeting of the right visitors, you can classify your different customers according to groups. This is to offer them a much better service.

The application allows you to remain in compliance with European legislation, while limiting as much as possible the number of visitors from the rest of the world. And all these things are provided to you free of charge. You will not have any hidden fees to pay, nor any additional costs. You can use the app for as long as you want, without paying any usage or support fees.

The installation of the application and its configuration are simple and easy to do even for the most computer-savvy. This saves you time to devote to growing your business.

Which free cookie banner app?
Which free cookie banner app?

GDPR Cookie Consent Banner by Pandects

This is an application designed by Pandectes allowing you to activate the EU Cookie Law and General Data Protection Regulation cookie banners. This application has a beautiful face with some rather interesting features.

First of all, it is possible to modify the parameters according to your preferences, what you concretely want for your company. So you can adapt them to the style of your website. Whether it’s colors, styles, positioning or even text, all of these elements are customizable.

Secondly, when there is a change in the content of the privacy policy page, it is also possible to reset the cookie banner in order to inform all visitors about the new policy in force.

Thirdly, it should be noted that this application will help you to have instant statistics regarding the number of consents that your store has collected over specific periods. Another feature of the app that should also be noted is its ease of use. So you can easily install and activate it.

This will make the cookie banner instantly available to visitors to the online store. It will therefore not be necessary to configure it automatically as soon as it is installed because of its already interesting default parameters. But in any case, you can still configure it if necessary. Don’t forget to install it now to enjoy all these useful features for free.

We have brought you a list of 10 Free Cookie Banner Apps on Shopify that you can use for your online store. Now it’s up to you to try them all if possible in order to choose the one that best suits your business.

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