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Create a blog: How can I do it on shopify?

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Create a blog: How can I do it on shopify?

Shopify is a site known for doing online commerce. But did you know that it is possible to create a blog on shopify? More and more people are now resorting to this alternative for various reasons. Creating a blog on shopify is interesting if you can find opportunities in SEO. This is natural referencing. To achieve this, you must not only write articles well in this blog, but you must also work on your entire site and on your product sheets. Now that you know, what are you waiting for? So discover in this article the steps to create a blog on shopify.

Start a blog: What is Shopify?

Create a blog – Shopify is an e-commerce platform
Create a blog – Shopify is an e-commerce platform

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that works in SaaS mode. It is based on a proprietary model that gives companies and people the opportunity to create and manage their own online shops. Shopify’s platform offers many features to people who have blogs with Shopify. It allows merchants to:

  • manage their inventory
  • make changes to the HTML and CSS codes of their blog
  • make discounts and promotions on prizes
  • manage online payments with paypal, bitcoin or the usual credit cards

Shopify’s mobile app

In 2009, shopify created its App store and API platform. This platform aims to enable the creation of applications for Shopify’s e-stores. Customers of this platform can then purchase these apps through shopify’s App store.

Start a blog: When should I choose Shopify?

You plan to do business online but you do not have enough means. You also don’t know if people will like your products, so shopify is the best solution.

If you plan to do traditional online business

Let’s feel that you want to do traditional e-commerce. In other words, you want to buy a stock of products that you will resell in your online store. In this case, Shopify is a great way to help you. Indeed the e-commerce platform of shopify is very well suited to beginners who start in this field insofar as it allows to learn e-commerce in practice. This will be done just for a few hundred euros per year.

Subscribing to shopify also allows you to easily create an online store. You also have the possibility to choose a theme adapted to your activity. Shopify gives the right solution for any e-commerce beginner.

It should be noted that there is a French platform of the same kind called Wizishop. Unlike Shopify, the platform is 100% French, which can be an advantage for people who aren’t proficient in English. However, both platforms are very efficient on the technical side. But the only difference is in the language of the site because shopify is Canadian and Wizishop is French.

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If you are thinking of dropshipping

Do you know dropshipping? It is a sales mechanism that connects three parties (the supplier, the seller and the customer). In this system, the supplier delivers the product directly to the customer.

If you’ve already heard of it and want to start this adventure, Shopify is the most well-known ideal solution in terms of dropshipping site creation. The platform was overwhelmed when many merchants embarked on this new sales system. The advantage with shopify is that it is very easy to create a store without really mastering the technical aspect that it entails. Also, shopify developers have worked a lot on the user experience so that nothing disturbs customers’ purchases. As a result, the platform is very fast, which promotes a good user experience.

When should I stop with shopify?

The SAAS system is very beneficial when it comes to getting started in e-commerce. Clearly, it allows you to create an online store without having real technical knowledge. It also allows you to invest through a monthly subscription without paying a large sum to create an e-commerce site.

On the other hand, at a certain stage, it would be better to change shopify (with SAAS mode) to turn to other solutions in open source mode like Magento and Pretashop. Indeed, when you have expanded your turnover per month, it will be better to devote yourself to a shop that belongs to you alone. You will therefore have to invest in the creation of an online store that fully matches your image.

When can I use Shopify to create a website?

Start a blog – Use Shopify to dropship
Start a blog – Use Shopify to dropship

When is Shopify suitable for creating a website? Does Shopify convent for the creation of a showcase site or for the creation of a multilingual site? Does it allow you to create a blog? This part of the article helps you know when to choose Shopify website builder software?

Is Shopify suitable for creating a showcase site?

For example, a showcase site helps you to present your company, your family or your association. When Internet users look for information about your association or your company, the showcase site will aim to ensure you a presence on the Internet. Today, it is essential for an association or a company to be present on the Internet. So to answer the question of whether shopify is suitable for creating a showcase site, the answer is simply NO! Indeed, shopify is a content management system (CMS) site whose area of expertise is to create e-commerce sites. Because of this, shopify has a set of features that you won’t need. Also, the shopify system involves a very high complexity in the creation of site compared to other website creation software.

So, to create a showcase site, you will not need to use shopify because this solution is not adapted to your need. To achieve your goal, you can use software like Wix or Jimdo.

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Use Shopify to create an e-commerce site

As we mentioned in the previous point, shopify is a platform specialized in the creation of online sales website. It is therefore a question of selling your products on the Internet.

With shopify, you can start your online business and open your store without installing anything on your computer. Shopify’s platform is a good solution suitable for people who are taking their first steps in online commerce but have doubts about the profitability of their business. Indeed, unlike Magento CMS or Pretashop, shopify requires a monthly subscription in order to be used. If you choose the least expensive plan, the subscription will cost you less than 400 EUROS per year, i.e. a subscription of 29 euros per month.

The amount you’ll spend with Shopify is very minimal compared to the large sums you’ll have to spend with it if you opt to build an e-commerce site with Magento or Pretashop. This is so even if you will have to think about creating a shop in your image and your own account when your business is successful.

So Shopify is a great solution to start trading online without taking huge financial risks. We recommend that you subscribe to a one-year subscription in order to know how your online sales business is evolving. Subsequently, when your business generates enough profits, you can use them to create an online store that will look like you and that will be fully adapted to your needs. Pretashop can help you in this direction. Especially since shopify reaps a profit margin on your sales, so it’s important to consider becoming more independent when you make more and more sales. It will also help you keep your profits in their entirety.

Shopify can be used to create a multilingual site

Shopify website builder software is a recommended solution for creating a multilingual e-commerce site. Indeed, Shopify is based on WordPress, the source code of the most exploited CMS worldwide. This system allows you to manage different languages, hence its ability to translate shopify in record time. In addition, there is a Shopify team that is quite responsive and ready to give you the necessary information to guide you. It also accompanies you if you have difficulty translating your shop into the languages in which you want to offer your products.

Use Shopify to create a blog

Website creation software can also help you create a blog. Many people are increasingly resorting to this alternative. What for?

Using Shopify to create a blog can have several reasons. This includes taking advantage of sharing or showing the seriousness of your business. But the reason that interests us the most is that creating a blog on Shopify allows you to work on the natural referencing of your blog and therefore increase its traffic.

Why start a blog on Shopify: isn’t it outdated?

Create a blog – Shopify is a powerful platform to create a blog
Create a blog – Shopify is a powerful platform to create a blog

For me too, the word “blog” sounds like the 2000s. Still, it is the most powerful tool you can have for SEO on your website. Thanks to the blog, you will be able to host articles on topics that revolve around your site or online store and drain traffic. You should not do anything and work on SEO opportunities that you can find with keywordtool.io or Semrush for example!

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By having the patience, you will gradually get visitors who will arrive on your website and potentially buy what you offer. I personally use blogs and I love SEO. Having one is absolutely not outdated and that’s why Shopify offers this feature.

Tutorial to Create a Blog on Shopify

Once you’ve created your store, I’ll invite you to sign in to your admin on Shopify. The blog is linked to your site and domain name. You’ll get a blog on votrenomdedomaine.com/blogs/nomdevotreblog/ they’re absolutely not two separate sites!

Click on “Online store” to scroll down the shopify menu then “blog posts”

Then click on “create a blog on shopify

You then have several elements to create your blog post

  1. This will be your title of the blog post, your H1.
  2. This is where you will create your content with H2 H3 H4 H5, bold, well-prioritized titles to match the SEO criteria
  3. This is where you will put the highlighted image that will identify the article of your blog. Be careful to fill in the “alt” tag
  4. Finally, it is on the visible button that you will click to publish your article! Don’t forget to click “save” at the top right to save your blog post on Shopify.

By returning to the front screen, you will then get:

This first article belongs to the “news” category. You can indeed have several blogs on several different themes on your shopify store.

If you want to change the name, click on the “news” button. If you want to change and add other blogs, I simply invite you to click on the “manage blog” button

You can then add another blog that will contain as well as other articles on different topics. It is important to have blogs/categories that contain articles on the same topic in order to show your seriousness on google. Generally a blog is enough but you never know!

You can also allow you to put comments on your shopify blog there, add tags/keywords on each article and of course specify the author.

I highly recommend that you work on your SEO on shopify, on your blog and on your blog post. It is the same with your product sheets in which you can make an excellent internal and external mesh!

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