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How do I send emails on Shopify?

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How do I send emails on Shopify?

Online shops are taking an important place today. They validly replace the physical sales shops. Moreover, they are more practical than the latter. Indeed, we waste less time and we do not even need to move from home. Also, e-commerce is very beneficial for the e-merchant. However, customer management in e-commerce is much more difficult than in physical sales. Since you will not see it, you must communicate with it via emails. Emails are therefore the best way for an online seller to communicate with his customers. To this end, online store builders including Shopify provide features that allow you to easily send emails to customers. These features are of great use. Here we tell you how to send Shopify emails.

Why send emails on Shopify?

Shopify emails – Stay close to your customers
Shopify emails – Stay close to your customers

Making a commercial exchange, whether physical or electronic, necessarily involves communication between the seller and the customer. When it comes to a physical sale, the customer and the buyer can talk to each other directly by seeing each other. Unfortunately, this option does not exist when it comes to an online sale. The seller and the buyer will not have the opportunity to meet. They can then chat by phone, SMS or email. Emails are also the preferred means of discussion in e-commerce. They are used to contact the customer in several situations. Thus, you can send an email to your customer to make a reminder abandon cart or to inform him of a promotional offer or inform him of any other change that may occur on the online store.

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Shopify emails: Make a Shopify cart reminder

Everyone who visits your online store does so because they are interested in a product and want to make a purchase. Unfortunately, all these people rarely go through with the buying process. Sometimes they choose the items they want to buy, but they don’t checkout. Such a situation is a real handicap to the increase in turnover. And this can create some small problems at the time of inventory. This situation has several causes.

This may be due to several factors. Indeed, cart abandonments can be motivated by several situations, but they usually do not depend on the will of the buyer. This may be due to session expiration, site crash, or any other technical reason. In any case, you have to find an alternative to push the customer to finish his purchase and at the same time inflate your turnover.

The best solution turns out to be the relaunch of the abandoned cart. For this purpose, there is nothing better than emails to remind your customers that they have an unfinished buying process and that the purchased products are still available. In addition, with Shopify, the sending of such emails can be automated. You just have to make the settings and the emails will be sent to your customers periodically (it is up to you to define the periodicity). This strategy will contribute significantly to the increase in sales. However, it is necessary to ensure that the emails sent meet certain criteria to achieve their objective. In this case, customers will return to your online store and complete the purchase process.

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Shopify emails can also be used to advertise a promotional offer to your customers.

Shopify emails: Advertise a promotional offer to customers

In addition to relaunching the abandoned cart, emails are also a good way to announce to your customers that you want them to take advantage of a promotional offer. The latter is very popular with customers. It allows them to buy items at discounted prices or receive gifts after making purchases. Also, this type of offer is beneficial for the seller. Indeed, it allows it to attract new prospects. It also allows the seller to sell his products faster. It is also one of the most effective marketing weapons. It is a marketing tool to quickly generate a large number of sales.

So it’s normal to communicate around this. The fastest way to inform your customers of the existence of a promotional offer is to send an email. With this tool, your customers will be quickly informed and will then be able to schedule their purchases. Also, you can schedule the sending of these emails. In fact, there are many tools to communicate and send emails automatically. You will only have to write the message to be transmitted and these tools will be responsible for delivering it according to the periodicity you have defined. For this purpose, you will need to define a contact list. Thus, it will be easier for you to send an email from shopify.

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Emails can also be sent to your customers for several other reasons. This may be to inform them of the holding of a contest or certain upcoming changes on the site or in your commercial policy. In any case, sending emails remains the best way to stay in touch with customers.

The pro email address on Shopify

Almost all of us use a Gmail email address. It is convenient on several levels. However, using a Gmail for a shopify email is not very professional. To send emails on behalf of your online store to your customers, you must have a professional email. You can get a pro email address for free with Shopify. You just have to have a domain name and that’s it. We tell you how to do it.

Shopify emails: How do I get a pro email address on Shopify?

Shopify emails – Knowing your customers is an asset
Shopify emails – Knowing your customers is an asset

Having a professional email address is the best way to send an email to your customers. It is therefore imperative for you to have it. How do I get it? It’s simple. It has to be done in stages. First, your shopify account needs to have a domain name. This detail is very important. By default, the address of your online store is as follows: name of the boutique.myshopify.com. If you buy a domain name, it can take this form: name of the boutique.com.

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Thus, you will now be able to create @nom addresses of the boutique.com. If necessary, you can put whatever you want before writing the at sign. Your address can therefore become jolie@nom of the boutique.com. There is no standard formula, you can write whatever you want. The most important thing is to find an address that can please your customers and that is totally original.

As soon as you have the domain name of your shop, you can proceed to the actual creation of the professional email address. To do this, go to the admin interface of your online store. First click on the “domain” option, then on the “Manage” option or on the “manage” option. It is right next to the domain name. Finally, you will click on “add forwarding email address”. At this level, all you have to do is give a name to your professional email address and indicate where the email will be redirected.

This is how you will create your professional email address. You can then communicate it to your customers and put it in the contact form on Shopify. So it seems very simple. As simple as sending an email from this address.

Shopify emails: How do I send and receive an email with a pro address on Shopify?

After you create your pro email address on Shopify, you can write and receive messages directly from your customers. However, we will have to know how to do it. Indeed, it is not so simple as sending and receiving emails with Gmail. It should not be forgotten that Shopify is not an instant messaging tool. It is therefore important that you redirect your messages to a Gmail address. You can do this to other tools such as Yahoo, but we recommend Gmail. This is very convenient and will allow you to sync all your addresses with tools such as Thunderbird.

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To do this, you have to click on the gear wheel, then go to the settings of the Gmail mailbox. We advise you to follow the different steps regarding the pop-up that will appear. As soon as the process is complete, you will now be able to log in from your Gmail account while using your professional email address. You will be able to receive and respond to messages from your various customers. This will then make your shop a little more serious in the eyes of those who visit it.

It’s also possible to send emails on Shopify if you’re using an email manager other than Gmail. It’s true that Gmail is a widely used email manager, but it’s not the only one. In this case, the procedure is also very simple. Thus, regardless of the email manager you use, it will be easy for you to reply and receive emails from your customers.

Do email marketing with Shopify

Shopify emails – Improve the visibility of your online store
Shopify emails – Improve the visibility of your online store

Email marketing is a very convincing marketing strategy. Indeed, email is one of the most effective marketing channels. The customers’ mailbox represents a safe place where you can leave your messages. This is a totally personal space where the customer can receive your message and consult it without any distractions. It is therefore normal that sending emails has a very good return on investment for e-merchants. This return on investment can be even more significant if you set up an email marketing strategy.

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Shopify emails: How to set up emailing marketing?

The emailing campaign is done in stages. First, it will be necessary to build a list of qualified contacts. It’s mostly about your qualified customers or prospects. This list will serve as a basis for the emailing campaign. The most important thing here is to legally collect the email addresses of your customers or prospects so that you can send them shopify emails. For this, it will be necessary to have their consent beforehand. Gone are the days when we bought databases to send emails to people who don’t want them. This is also considered spam. To collect email addresses, you can opt for several strategies (newsletter, contests).

Second, it’s important to target the right contacts. As we said earlier, not all people are willing to receive your emails. They will not be interested in the content of the email. A strategy must therefore be put in place to target the right people. This will maximize the impact of the campaign. It is also important to create emailing in a simple and intuitive way. It must be able to be displayed on any type of screen. Concretely, the emailing campaign must be responsive. Thus, everyone will be able to access it easily.

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Shopify mails: Optimize email campaign settings

This is an important part if you want to succeed in your email campaign with Shopify. In reality, the success of an emailing campaign depends mainly on a few parameters. These are: the subject, name and address of the sender.

The subject of an email is the most important element of the email. Indeed, it is he who makes the recipient want or not to open it. So you have to find something that is really eye-catching. As for the name and address, they must inspire trust, hence the importance of creating a shopify pro email address. After that, you will have to program the automatic sending of emails to your customers. It is by following all these steps that you will succeed in setting up a good emailing strategy. That’s why it’s important that you know how to send emails on Shopify.

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