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How do I use Klaviyo on Shopify?

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How do I use Klaviyo on Shopify?

To boost sales on your online store, it is essential to set up marketing strategies. Among the best known and most effective methods, you will find the technique of automating the sending of emails. To allow you to set up such marketing campaigns, many tools are available on the market. They make it easier for you to manage interactions with your customers and prospects. If you have your e-commerce site on Shopify, you have the opportunity to benefit from one of the best email management apps. This is obviously Klaviyo shopify. It’s a very complete Shopify app that allows you to end-to-end manage your emails in a simple and convenient way.

It is also because of these impressive features and its many advantages that it is used today by large online shops. However, to fully enjoy it, you need to know how to use it. Here is the complete guide that will allow you to learn more about Klaviyo, to succeed in configuring it and especially to use it optimally to boost your sales.

What is Klaviyo shopify?

Klavio shopify – An effective and profitable strategy
Klavio shopify – An effective and profitable strategy

Klaviyo is a tool that makes managing email marketing campaigns very easy. This application essentially allows you to automate the sending of emails to your customers and potential customers. With Klaviyo, online store owners can manage all of their enamelling campaigns centrally. Indeed, they will be able to do everything from a single interface.

Designed by an American company of the same name, this application has many advantages that set it apart from its competitors. Thus, the great assets of Klaviyo are as follows.

  • Klaviyo offers a free version that allows beginners to familiarize themselves with its interface.
  • It allows you to filter your prospects very carefully thanks to its excellent segmentation capacity .
  • It provides you with a collection of detailed navigation information for all the actions performed, but also for all users.
  • Klaviyo rigorously uses the data collected to send each of your customers or prospects highly personalized messages.

Apart from these major advantages, Klaviyo also allows you to have a detailed performance report at your disposal, to manage several online stores at the same time, to enjoy an optimal connection to your store, etc.

Klaviyo shopify: How to get and install it?

To use Klaviyo Shopify, you must first have an account on the app site. So, this is not your case yet, this is the first thing you will have to do. However, if you already have an account on the site of this email marketing management tool, all you have to do is log in. To do so, simply click on the “login” button located at the top right of the site.

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For people who have never used Klaviyo, you should know that the registration takes place in quite simple and practical steps. In general, you will be asked to provide personal information fairly basicThen, to access the Klaviyo interface, you only have to confirm your email. At this step, you need to link the Klaviyo account to your Shopify online store.

At this step, you now need to install the app on your store. To do this, from your Shopify administrator interface, you must go to the application tab and open the application store (the App Store). Then, do a little research by typing in the search bar the query “Klaviyo” and install the application. In case you want to know more about this tool for automating the sending of emails, the page presents its functionalities and its particularities.

As soon as the app has been installed on your Shopify store, you will always be directed to the Klaviyo account you previously created. The latter will give you an update on the information that was recorded when linking the store to the account. It should be noted that at this stage, you already have the option of using Klaviyo for setting up your emailing campaigns. However, this use is quite limited. Indeed, you will not be able to send emails to more than 500 customers or prospects per month. Also, during the month, your contacts will not receive more than 2 emails. It must therefore be said that this use does not necessarily meet all needs.

To address this issue, Klaviyo Shopify gives you the option to go a long way with more exciting features through its diverse range of paid offerings tags. Although slightly expensive, the prices of the offers are largely up to the services and features offered. Moreover, most users who have experienced paid offers agree that the price-quality ratio is optimal. Indeed, the results obtained at the end of the campaign in terms of conversion and sales are well above expectations.

However, if your campaign goals and needs can be covered by the free version , feel free to take advantage of it. Also, if this is your first experience with the application, it is best to use it for free to better understand its operation and its potential. This will also allow you to better define your needs in order to choose the paid offer that best meets them.

How to get started with the Klaviyo Shopify dashboard?

Klavio shopify – An easy-to-use app
Klavio shopify – An easy-to-use app

To put the features of Klaviyo Shopify at the service of youremailing campaign, you must manage to take its interface in hand. Indeed, to save time, you need to know what each parameter is used for in detail.

Already, know that to create and manage your marketing campaigns by automatic sending of emails, you will have to do it from your Klaviyo account and not from your e-commerce site. To access your account, simply go to the Klaviyo website, click on the “login” button and provide the data used to create the account. If all the information is correct, you should have no trouble logging into your account. On the site, you will find yourself in front of a dashboard that is practically identical to the one you have on Shopify.

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Before proceeding with the configurations, you should know that the Klaviyo dashboard is made up of two large areas. On one side you have the horizontal bar and on the other the vertical area on the left. At the level of the horizontal bar, here are the different tabs that you will find.

Klaviyo shopify: Objectives

This tab presents the point of all important information about the operation of the tool. You will find among other things alerts, notifications, but also tutorials.

Klaviyo shopify: Performance

Here you have all the statistics on your emailing campaign. This is for example the point of emails sent, clicks, conversions, etc.


Just like the previous one, this tab also presents statistics. However, the information is more specific here. The statistics are more advanced and more concise.

Lists and Segments

As the title of the tab suggests, it shows you the lists and segments of your campaign.

Activity Feed

It gives you all the email details for your Shopify store.

It should be noted that when you open a link in the part located on the left, the components of the horizontal bar change. Thus, depending on the left tab you clicked on, you will find information on the horizontal bar that details its features.

As for the different tabs on the left menu , they are as follows.

Campaigns tab

This is undoubtedly the most important tab in the Klaviyo app. It allows you to create, but also to manage a marketing campaign by sending emails. However, unlike other tabs in the application, this one does not automate sending. These are basically emails created for sending to contacts.

In general, it is used for the purpose of informing customers of promotional campaigns. For example, if you want to launch a special reduction for the end of year celebrations, you can use this tab to easily create the email. It also allows you to send it to all the email addresses of your choice.

In addition, if you are a new user of Klaviyo Shopify, you will be able to access several features that will allow you to better identify your target. In addition, you have the option of using an e-mail template . This allows you to easily replace existing content with your own. On the other hand, it is possible to create a new mail from start to finish. However, this option is not recommended for new users of Shopify’s email marketing tool.

Klaviyo shopify : Flows

Klavio shopify – Using Flow to complete your strategy
Klavio shopify – Using Flow to complete your strategy

On your Shopify store, this tab also allows you to create and manage emails for a marketing campaign. The difference with the previous tab is that the sending is automated. However, there is no question of sending any message to any customer or prospect. To do this, the application’s functionalities allow you to define the actions to which the emails will have to follow. Concretely, you will have to define the actions that customers or prospects will have to do to receive the email.

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For illustrative purposes, you can define cart abandonment as an action. So everyone who abandons their cart in your online store will get this message. It is important to note that by default, some flows are already available. All you have to do is activate them. The default flows are those you will find when you see orange.

With this tab, you have every chance of hitting the right target at the right time. Successfully using it is therefore vital to boost your sales and your conversion rates.

Klaviyo shopify : Email Templates

Here you basically have two big options. First, you have the option of using the email templates made available to you by Klaviyo by default. They can be used directly and are therefore practical for those who do not wish to design their own templates.

Of course, in a second step, Klaviyo Shopify gives you the possibility to create your templates. This will allow you to use them again in your newsletters tags. In addition, users who are familiar with HTML and CSS have a third option. Indeed, they can create their templates externally and then import them afterwards.

Lists et segments

You will also find this tab in the menu on the left of your Klaviyo dashboard. It allows you to access lists and segments. Note that here, a segment is a sublist. In addition to this, you have the possibility of creating new lists to better distribute your prospects and customers according to your objectives and expectations.

The biggest advantage of this feature is the fact that it allows you to edit forms for all your lists. These forms can be shared on your blogs, on your online store or on social networks.


With this tab, you basically have the ability to manage your contacts. It is therefore the list of your contacts that is displayed here. However, when you click on a contact, you will be able to see the different actions they have taken. This will allow you, among other things, to know which list or which segment suits him the most. You can therefore make adjustments that will allow your contacts to receive emails that are more suited to their actions.


Metrics are the set of actions a contact can take on your e-commerce site. These include purchases, reviews and the like. The application gives you a complete list of these metrics, but allows you to create or delete them according to your needs. In addition, this tab allows you to have statistics on the actions that your visitors perform on the store. Here is the information that will allow you to better use Klaviyo on your Shopify online store.

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