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How do I use Oberlo on Shopify?

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How do I use Oberlo on Shopify?

Oberlo is an application that allows you to find items for sale on the Net. According to the principle of dropshipping, the customer makes an order on your Shopify site. Then the supplier delivers the product directly to the customer. So you make transactions without actually owning any stock. This way of proceeding is very advantageous, especially for a person who starts with little funds. Oberlo represents the connecting bridge between the wholesaler and the Shopify store owner, as well as between that owner and buyer. Using Oberlo is all the more advantageous because it simplifies things and reduces costs. How do I use Oberlo on Shopify?

What is the principle of Dropshipping?

Oberlo shopify – Dropshipping is a profitable business

First of all, the challenge is to bring a potential taker to your site. Several people will visit your site, but only a few will buy the items you offer. A detailed description, a pictorial illustration and the price accompany each item. When the visitor pays for an item, he is officially a consumer of the online shop. A notification about the order will be sent to you. Finally, you can enter the supplier to deliver to the customer. In this process, you are never in contact with the product. So you don’t have to manage stock at home or elsewhere. The particularity of this transaction is not to have stock, to place an order near the supplier who delivers directly to the customer. The site can then evolve to become an E-commerce site based on the best-selling items. Besides, you can develop your own brand.

What does Oberlo represent?

The Oberlo app is an interface that is used to search for good quality products to sell online. It puts at your disposal several articles. You can add them to your store easily. All categories of items can be selected: fashion, technology, toys, cosmetics, etc. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate research with tankers all over the world.

Then you can automatically add what interests you. The reduction of charges thanks to the direct shipment from the supplier to the customer, as well as the absence of storage worries saves time. This time saved will accelerate the evolution of the brand and conclude other online sales. Adding items is free. Oberlo is used to sell on E-shops, social networks, virtual market groups. For a user of the AliExpress server, you can connect Oberlo aliexpress shopify by linking the items to the oberlo account.

How does Oberlo work?

Importing items from a point to Oberlo Shopify is done in just a few clicks. After they are imported, it is necessary to define the tariffs and the configuration of a sending strategy. The order satisfaction procedure is the same. The customer places his order on Oberlo shopify and pays the agreed amount. The service provider sends a confirmation of receipt of the fee. The wholesaler gives you the item at the wholesale price and delivers it directly to the lessee. Finally, the latter comes into possession of his property. Obviously, your profit is the difference between the money paid by the customer and the fees paid to the distributor. Naturally, there are some factors that affect your income. This is the type of item you prefer to market and the amount you set for them. In addition, your sending procedure also affects your cash receipts.

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Dropshipping is an activity whose procedural part is virtual, but it remains legal. This can be done with plugins other than Oberlo. There is a Starter package on Oberlo that is totally free. Its use is valid until the receipt of 50 orders/month. Using Oberlo without Shopify is not possible. Oberlo and Shopify go hand in hand, as Oberlo only works on Shopify which is a paid platform. Shopify’s Oberlo is functional in all countries. Indeed, the area from where the operation is carried out is not essential since it is not you who keep the stock. Oberlo is not available in French. This is the reason why technical topics are often in English. For example: oberlo plugin for shopify, oberlo a shopify, oberlo shopify dropshipping, etc.

How do I get started on Oberlo?

To use Oberlo, it is necessary to first own a Shopify store. Next, sign up, then visit Shopify and click on the “Get Started” icon. Also, for beginners, it is better to create your account on Oberlo shopify. Follow the instructions as you go to set up the store.

In the account settings, define the elements that make up your profile as well as the code, the language chosen on the Oberlo Shopify configuration table. To make use of Oberlo Shopify, you need to have a Shopify store. First, visit Shopify and then click the “Get Started” button to get started.

Oberlo shopify: How to choose products and import them?

Oberlo shopify – A flagship app in dropshipping

The product selection step is an important part of the Dropshipping process. The choice of products carries in its germ, a part of the way you can exploit them online. Similarly, the way they promote and the leads you attract depend on it. Setting the price of items is also a crucial step in that you have to put an amount that allows you to have a profit. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that this price attracts customers by being competitive.

Once the items are selected, add them to Shopify. First, attach them to the list for import into Oberlo, and second, import them into your E-shop. Add items to the list from searches in Oberlo.

To add the items from the survey, open the Oberlo bulletin board. Then, click on the “Find Products” option. There is a search bar that is also used to carry out investigations. Whenever you want to add a product, put the cursor on it, and then click on “Add to import List”. Finally, edit the description and other details, and then import them into Shopify.

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To add articles from an Oberlo search, first open the tracking table. Then click on “Find products”. Search the bar and then add the ones you’re interested in with your cursor. You still need to tweak the details about these products before making a transfer to Shopify.

Through an Oberlo Aliexpress Shopify process, one can add items on Aliexpress. However, they must meet specific criteria. This is the use of a laptop or desktop computer, and the use of “Google chrome” as a browser. There is a chrome extension for Oberlo. If these conditions are met, the first step is access to the AliExpress website. Click “Oberlo” to add the item to the item list in the app. Obviously, you have to change the product information before importing. These include description and name.

Oberlo shopify: How to order on the app?

Understanding the order processing method on Oberlo Alternative Shopify is an essential part of running the dropshipping business. To manage Aliexpress requests, use a buyer account to get details about paid orders. This Aliexpress account also allows you to submit disputes to Aliexpress suppliers and then cancel requests. For additional details on a current order, in your account, select “my orders”. Select “show details” at the level of the order you are interested in.

It is possible to cancel your application by following a certain procedure. To do this, in the Aliexpress purchase account, choose the “My orders” option. Select “Cancel Order”. Finally, confirm the cancellation in the messaging. The distributor reviews and analyzes the application to make its decision. It is important to note that this can be positive or negative. He asks for explanations before making a decision and if you find common ground, the purchase will be canceled. No items will be shipped in this case. If a distributor decides not to make a delivery, Oberlo or Shopify can’t change their mind.

When an order is not honored, or when there are various problems, this dispute can be submitted to Aliexpress customer service. Oberlo Shopify cannot intervene in the event of a dispute. It is important to note that not all wholesalers allow the return of goods. Before offering such an option to your customers, make sure of its feasibility. Nevertheless, Aliexpress makes refunds under certain conditions. In addition, you can accept that the item be returned to you personally.

However, it is preferable to accept appeals under certain conditions. For example, when a customer returns a purchase that has no defects. In this case, you can send it to another who has requested it. It is therefore best to prepare for these situations, especially when it comes to reimbursement. In the virtual store, in the “Add and manage policies” option, adapt the policies to those of your distributors. Similarly, to find out how to contact your distributor when there is a dispute, select “submit dispute”.

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Oberlo shopify: How do I ship with the app?

Oberlo shopify – A shipping option

The sale with Oberlo is accompanied by shipping by the suppliers. You must therefore pay the distributor the costs of the purchased item and the shipping fee. Shipping costs vary depending on the place of shipment, as well as the means of shipment.

Transport options for Oberlo orders

Often, in dropshipping, the suppliers you work with are located in another region. This is naturally a cause of increased shipping costs. The choice of more efficient means of transport also increases shipping costs. Nevertheless, some international means of sending are slow, but free. It is therefore necessary to examine the different means and determine the one that suits you best. It should also be noted that there are 2 categories of carriers: common carriers and private carriers.

Oberlo order tracking

Oberlo shopify allows you to closely track orders. Thus, it is possible to correct in time any errors especially broken codes. Each order comes with a tracking code when working with Aliexpress. Thus, you will be able to view the tracking codes in the dashboard and then update them. In principle, in oberlo Shopify, updates are automatic, but they can also be done manually.

To update a status, on the dashboard, go to “Order”, then click the code of the order you want to track. After that, select “follow up again”. You can simultaneously see the tracking level of all orders placed. Also, it is possible to follow the processing of orders.

Oberlo shopify: How do I use reports?

Oberlo reports are used to track the performance of different activities. Performance refers to sales history, costs, and revenues. These items appear on the bulletin board. To access it, from Shopify, click apps. Then, select “Installed Applications” first and then “Oberlo”. Finally, click on “Dashboard”.

In the Oberlo bulletin board, the number of parts of the product appears. Total sales also appear. They represent the overall value of a product during a period of time. On the table also appear the change in sales, and the sales graph.

You can adjust the report parameters. To do this, choose the data that will be displayed in the table by essentially adjusting two parameters. These are “Total Sales” and “Sales of Oberlo Products”. “Total sales” include profits from claims, taxes, discounts, etc. Similarly, items not sold through Oberlo are included. The “sale of Oberlo products” section includes only income from products imported through Oberlo.

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