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How to automate dropshipping on shopify and woocommerce?

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Thanks to Shopify , prestashop or woocommerce , it is possible to automate orders placed on your dropshipping store . Extensions and applications like Oberlo and dropified allow you to place orders automatically!

What can we automate in dropshipping?

As you can imagine, if you have 1000 orders on your online store , it would be complicated to place all these orders manually. Sure, Shopify and some apps allow you to chew on the work, but not completely! Thanks to Oberlo or Dropified, you will be able to automate each order.

  1. The plugin launches.
  2. The aliexpress or your supplier ‘s page opens.
  3. The product is added to cart.
  4. Your client’s address is filled in automatically.
  5. The payment method is also selected!
  6. A message is automatically left for the supplier if necessary.
  7. And there, with Oberlo, it is not possible to go further.

Because yes there is one more step: that of pressing the “validate payment” button. You must be thinking “why don’t they do it?”, they managed to automate everything but not place the order automatically by clicking on the pay button! As surprising as it may seem, it will indeed be necessary to press this button manually. Fortunately, 98% of the work was done automatically. It is simply a detail of legality and captcha, it must be the person who agrees to click on the button to take charge of the payment agreement and not a machine. A day will come when everything will be 100% automated.because it happens that the address of the customer or the customer is not filled or “fullfill” automatically and that it is necessary to fill it manually.

Applications to automate dropshipping on Shopify

Here are some applications that will allow you to automate your orders and processes on aliexpress and shopify.

Oberlo, the leader in dropshipping order automation

It’s the one I use the most! It is free up to 50 orders . Then a subscription will be offered. Technically, you have enough to pay for this subscription if you exceed the cap of 50 orders :-). You can install Oberlo directly here.

Its interface is simple and intuitive, it is the current market leader that allows you to automate your order until you press the payment button. I leave you below a very effective tutorial to learn how to set up and fully configure Oberlo to place your orders automatically. 💎

Dropified, its competitor to place your orders automatically

Dropified is growing more and more and for good reason, it has some differentiating elements from Oberlo:

  • It allows to manage several shops at the same time, so a multi-shop management.
  • You can create boards to better manage the layout of your products and their management.
  • A supplier of several thousand niche products to US shipments is integrated. Honestly, that’s a very negligible advantage considering we’re looking for our own suppliers 🙂
  • You can find the basic data of a product more easily.
  • Managing variants and multiple vendors for the same product is much easier.
  • It imports ratings/opinions/reviews from aliexpress with the product, pretty great!
  • He knows how to validate the aliexpress captcha if necessary!

But we must not forget that dropified is paying from its first use at currently $47/month without necessarily having access to all the features.

The other alternatives to import products and automate on Shopify

There is an incredible list of services to automate including Dsers, Importify or even Cj dropshipping. Here is a list you can explore:

  • modalyst, to some extent, has grown big enough to deserve to be a suite of retail solutions in one place, not just an app. When it comes to vendors, Modalyst tends to only work with well-known and established brands, as well as famous brands such as Calvin Klein and Puma. Although the prices are much higher than Asian suppliers, you will get quality in return for what you pay. Just spend a little time researching, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities with good margins. odalayst offers you a wide range of products, including men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, children’s clothing, bags, bridal wear, beauty products, plus size apparel, homewares, and accessories, to name a few. Modalyst integrates directly with Shopify, so you can add products with a single click. It also gives you order management and inventory tracking features. What else ? Modalyst automatically updates price changes, notifies you of stock levels, and provides you with real-time data feeds. In addition to all these features, Modalyst has an intuitive and attractive user interface. What else ? Modalyst automatically updates price changes, notifies you of stock levels, and provides you with real-time data feeds. In addition to all these features, Modalyst has an intuitive and attractive user interface. What else ? Modalyst automatically updates price changes, notifies you of stock levels, and provides you with real-time data feeds. In addition to all these features, Modalyst has an intuitive and attractive user interface.
  • Spocket is highly rated in the dropshipping world. Many people call it “the Oberlo alternative”, and many others claim that it is more advanced than Oberlo when it comes to the quality of providers provided. There is a reason for these endorsements. Indeed, most Spocket suppliers are based in Europe and the United States, which allows them to have higher quality standards. If you are located in these two regions, you should definitely give Spocket a try, as delivery times would be much shorter than those of China, and the process of creating a partnership will be much less difficult. Spocket is really great in three ways. The first is pricing. Spocket suppliers give dropshipping merchants a huge 30-60% discount. This means that you can make a good profit margin by dropshipping with Spocket. The second benefit is that you can add your company branding elements on all receipts and invoices. While this isn’t as good as having your branding elements on the package, it still creates a positive impression. The third aspect is that Spocket allows you to order product samples. This will allow you to gauge both the shipping speed and the quality of any product. On this basis, you can customize the description, photos and price according to your own experience of the product. On the technical side, Spocket gets a lot of praise with its automatic inventory update, one-click order fulfillment, and many other advanced features.
  • Product Pro is very similar to Spocket as many users would rate Product as the best dropshipping app. Dropshipping merchants love this amazing app because it avoids Asian suppliers and only works with US-based companies. The reason is that Product Product tries to focus on quality rather than low price. Product Pro provides a large network of trusted suppliers who take pride in the quality of their products. They offer products from different categories like homewares, apparel, jewelry, consumer electronics, and many more. Product Pro’s product offering is huge. You can have access to more than 50,000 products. The app has an intuitive user interface,
  • Importify’s taglineis “Get Importify and start importing best-selling products with ease, automate your fulfillment needs also, and all with a single click! And it does exactly what it promises to do. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, Importify immediately shows you its usability as soon as you start using it. You can import products from multiple platforms and automate the order fulfillment process; both operations are quick and simple. To import a product, simply go to the Wholesaler Website section of your Importify dashboard, then use the Importify Chrome extension to find the best products, and click the Add button on the products that you want to sell in your store.
  • UniteXpress is another great app for dropshipping, and it can help you find and manage your products like a piece of cake. It allows you to instantly import products from AliExpress directly to your Shopify store with one click. Similar to the previous dropshipping app, UniteXpress lets you edit your products in multiple ways, from changing titles and descriptions to adjusting prices. Pricing automation features will help you save time by creating a pricing rule and setting the price for a set of chosen products. Unlike previous apps, Spreadr follows a non-standard path to dropshipping by offering its users two choices: either dropship or earn money affiliate by linking them directly to Amazon . Speadr provides an advanced import tool that can be used to find what’s popular on Amazon and add it to your store with just a few clicks.
  • With Spreadr , you can select from over a million products to import into your product catalog and sell on your store. It also allows you to expand your target audience and earn money from your influence, and turn it into profits. With Spreadr, you not only receive a commission for selling the products, but you can also receive money through affiliate links. On the technical side, Spreadr offers a wide range of features such as one-click download, automatic synchronization, customization of product descriptions and bulk import, which makes it quick and easy to deposit products.
  • Dsers. The unique selling point of DSers is that it can help you process your orders very quickly. Dsers is a Shopify dropshipping app that is revolutionizing the entire dropshipping industry with its own advanced features. It lets you do what other order management tools like Oberlo can’t. The most important feature that Dsers offers to its user is that he can process bulk orders and multiple orders (hundreds) within minutes. If you’ve ever used Oberlo, you know how tedious this process is when you have tons of orders to process with Aliexpress. Dsers is able to import products from Aliexpress to Shopify including full description, variants, prices, etc. You can set shipping methods and track shipping status. This is a huge time saver for you if you use Dser, as well as a major benefit for anyone who hates outsourcing to virtual assistance because you don’t want to hire someone to spy on your own Shopify store. With all these features, and the fact that the developer is looking to create new ones from time to time, Dser is a very good alternative to Oberlo for Shopify.
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Personally, I highly recommend Dsers if you stick with aliexpress products. Attention, we cannot automate orders on Alibaba because this site allows you to buy products in bulk and not individually, or very rarely.

How to automate your orders on wordpress and woocommerce?

Good news if you like dropified, it works very well with Woocommerce! There is also another plugin called Alidropship which allows you to import your products . The latter is still a little finicky. Finally, there is Ryviu which will allow you to import and automate just as much!

Personally, I use Oberlo for Shopify and Dropified for Woocommerce. 

Here is a whole list of other services that will automate orders on wordpress :

  • AliDropship Woo . This WooCommerce dropshipping plugin helps you import products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce store. You can choose from an unlimited range of products using the custom filters built into the plugin. It also allows you to import product reviews, which will be an important aspect for the customer experience. The plugin allows you to place orders with dropshipping suppliers with a single click. You can choose to place orders for individual products, or for multiple products in bulk. In fact, it automates the ordering process and saves you from manually placing orders for each product.
  • WooCommerce Dropshipping . This is one of the most popular options for getting help in running your WooCommerce dropshipping business with AliExpress. Additionally, the plugin has an auto-update feature that ensures that information about the products on your site stay up to date with AliExpress product data. The plugin also offers a built-in image editor, which you can use to edit images you import from AliExpress. It also helps you set pricing rules for individual products or globally for the whole store. You can purchase the plugin for $89.
  • WooCommerce Dropshipping Extension. This WooCommerce extension allows you to send automatic notifications to your dropshipping partners when new orders are placed on your store. When multiple suppliers are dropshipping your products, the extension sorts the products based on the supplier and sends correct notification. It also allows you to automatically attach a PDF of the packing slip to the order notification mail. In fact, it enables blind dropshipping because your customers would get your brand on their orders. Additionally, it allows the dropshipper to include a printout of the package in the shipment. Also, you can import a dropshipper’s inventory to your store, if provided in a CSV file.
  • The WooCommerce Dropshipping extension allows you to automate communication with your suppliers so that your customers’ orders are fulfilled quickly. The interface of the extension is not complicated, and you can configure it quite easily too. You just need to add the required contact details of a supplier to add one, and you can check the list. Additionally, you can also customize how you want the email notification to appear to vendors. The single site subscription of the extension will cost you $49, $99 for a 5 site subscription and $149 for a 25 site subscription.
  • Dropified is a quick tool to help you with your WooCommerce Dropshipping efforts. You can select a range of products that you want to sell on your WooCommerce store and import them with a single click. Once you’ve created your store, things are pretty easy with Dropified. You can accept orders from your customers and the plugin will automatically place the order with the supplier. After the supplier ships the product, they also send tracking information to your customer. This means you don’t have to worry about coordinating the order fulfillment process.
  • WooCommerce Dropshipping . You can completely automate your WooCommerce Dropshipping store using this plugin. You will be able to source products from more than 100 stores, including AliExpress and eBay . In addition, you will be notified in the event of a product being out of stock or of a change in characteristics or price. Also, it has an efficient process to apply markups to all your products or just to a selected set of products. It is also very easy to customize the products in your store as you can use the built-in tools available with Dropified. You can easily integrate this tool in SaaS mode with your WooCommerce store. The Builder plan will cost you $47 per month.
  • DropshipMe. Thanks to this plugin, you will be able to choose products from a list of more than 50,000 handpicked products. Like some of the other plugins we’ve seen in this article, you can import products with a single click. The list of products is selected by choosing from the top selling products on AliExpress. The plugin ensures professional product information with optimized titles and images. Moreover, the plugin also offers an option to import customer product reviews. DropshipMe only offers products from trusted vendors, saving you a lot of hassle. Moreover, you can use the advanced filters to choose the most suitable products on your store. Setting up proper branding for products is very important for a dropshipping store. This plugin offers a markup recommendation tool from which you can automatically apply markups. You can download the free plugin to get started, which you can use to import up to 50 products. Pricing is based on the number of products you wish to import, starting from a single price of $29 for 100 imported products.
  • WooDropship. If you are specifically interested in AliExpress dropshipping on your WooCommerce store, you can use this plugin. AliExpress is basically an online marketplace with a wide variety of products. Starting a dropshipping business with AliExpress is becoming especially popular among store owners. Fortunately, WooDropship helps you automate your dropshipping process with AliExpress. AliExpress dropshipping is a profitable dropshipping option tried by many, and you can easily automate the process using WooDropship. The WooDropship integration makes it quite easy for you to import AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store. When you search for AliExpress products, you can also check the availability of ePacket. Moreover, it offers features like product customization, price automation, and automatic order fulfillment. With the basic WooDropship package, you can import 3000 product variations and fulfill 100 orders per month. It will cost you $14 per month.
  • WooCommerce Dropshippers. This plugin proves to be a great solution for WooCommerce dropshipping with a large number of satisfied users. Basically, this plugin helps you create an additional user role on the administration side of your WooCommerce. Once this role is created, you can automate the notification process and open a communication channel with your suppliers. It allows you to fully control the entire process, since you can follow the progress of each of your orders at any time. Once a supplier fulfills the order, they can also notify you. Also, vendors can view their sales details on the store admin when they are logged in. And you will have a clear idea of ​​the outstanding receivables from each supplier.
  • YouDroop . YouDroop helps you build a successful dropshipping business. It provides a platform to help suppliers and retailers connect. Basically, vendors can find plenty of options for displaying their products. And retailers can access more products. You can easily import a large number of products to your WooCommerce store using a CSV file. And the free WordPress plugin helps you sync your WooCommerce store with YouDroop platform. Overall, YouDroop offers a smoother process to help you with your WooCommerce dropshipping needs. The basic plan will cost you €59 per month. Visit the YouDroop website for more details.
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With this list, you have something to do to automate your orders on Woocommerce. Know that if you work with local producers or artisans, everything will work by CSV file.

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