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How to connect instagram and facebook on shopify?

How to connect instagram and facebook on shopify?

Connecting Instagram to your Shopify store can be interesting if you are active on Instagram! You can link the store, tag the products and of course sell more easily through the stories and posts you make on Instagram and this, via your shopify store which will be connected to your account.

Use instagram shop as a sales channel on shopify

First, log in to your shopify store. Next, click the “+” button next to sales channels.

Then click the button next to the Instagram channel . You can also add your facebook store here and connect it to your shopify store.

Then click on “ add instagram ” on the purple button at the bottom right.

And there, surprise! You are asked to create a facebook page.

Never mind Etienne! We are going to make a Facebook page to connect our Instagram to Shopify. Kind of twisted guys, but hey, Facebook bought Instagram…

How to connect Facebook shop to Shopify?

So we resume with Facebook to create a picnic. It puts a spoke in the wheels for us to add Instagram to Shopify. But we have the solution!

We then click on the button at the bottom right “add channel” and this is where it will get funny… We will find ourselves on this wonderful page which will invite us to click on “connect account”

Follow the pop-up and connect only the page you are interested in and not all your pages 🙂 Then come back to the same interface and select your facebook page from the drop-down menu and connect there (as if facebook couldn’t have do automatically from this step…)

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Then accept the scary terms, no need to worry, it’s just to make the link between shopify and your store 🙂 And there…

Nonnnnnnnnn misery, facebook and its sidereal slowness will siphon off your last hope. But don’t worry, it never lasts long, you will get an answer quickly. Facebook will verify your site, so you might as well be in good standing and in agreement with Facebook . Do not sell alcohol, dangerous products, etc. Besides, I’m bad at it, I’ve already received the confirmation email that my shop is ok for facebook! Let’s see what happened with Instagram . You can now put your products on your Facebook shop.

How to add the instagram shop sales channel to shopify?

Alright, we go back to Instagram and…

Seriously ? We connected Facebook just before… it doesn’t happen by itself? No no no, you must click on “connect to facebook”. A pop-up opens, accept there. Once you have accepted all the permissions, you have your dropshipping store connected to instagram, congratulations! You will then be able to add the products very easily and make the connection!

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