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How to create a contact pro email with shopify?

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How To create a pro email With Shopify 

You already have an ecommerce store on shopify. You have set up all the steps to make your online store work namely the design of the site, insertion of your products and the domain name. After all these steps, you now need to create a pro email with shopify to be able to chat with your customers. Then read the rest of this article to find out how to do it.

What is a pro email address?

Create a pro email – A pro email address must include your company name
Create a pro email – A pro email address must include your company name

Creating a professional email consists of including the name of your company in your email address.

This is easy to remember because the email includes the name of the company that is already known to your customers. In addition, it is more professional. It’s true that having a professional email does not necessarily guarantee your success, but it puts you on the path to success and it makes you more credible.

Does it pay to create a professional email?

Creating a professional email is completely free. You can create it for free either with a gmail account, outlook or with your shopify store. We usually hear bloggers or youtubers say that it pays off and that you have to subscribe to a platform to successfully use it. So, I assure you that this is false. Follow the following tips to create a pro email easily and for free.

Why should you create a professional email?

If you start this process to create a professional email address with shopify, it is because there are many reasons. Having a professional email address has many advantages.

The professional image of your company

The major advantage that you surely know is the fact that the professional email address helps to promote a professional image for your company. Indeed, it does not look very professional when your customers contact you on an email address that ends with @gmail.com or yahoo.fr. Chatting with your customers with an email designed for your business just for the professional setting is much more serious. An online store that reflects a professional and serious image promotes a good conversion rate. So you can easily increase your profits and turnover.

Improved deliverability of email marketing

This is an advantage that is rarely thought of. For example, when you send a newsletter or cart recovery emails with a non-professional email address, it is highly likely that the deliverability rate is low with this type of address.

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Email marketing systems like Getresponse or Klaviyo favor pro emails ending in “@maboutique.com”. The owners of online shops know the importance of email marketing as it is a powerful means of sale. You must therefore take advantage of this advantage to increase the number of your customers through your emails. So you should definitely create a pro email with shopify. So how to proceed to create a professional email?

Why is it not recommended to send emails with Gmail or outlook in marketing?

As we mentioned in the previous point, email marketing is a very important tool of online marketing. It allows you to attract prospects, keep them and thus create real ambassadors for your company.

Using email from Gmail or Outlook seems to be an advantage because of the free use of these platforms. However, the downside is that it will be impossible to create real engagement with your subscribers by using these platforms as part of an email strategy. This is much more appropriate with professional email platforms.

Doing email marketing with free email platforms like Outlook or Gmail can create huge risks to your ability to deliver your messages. There is also a risk that you will lack statistics for your messages. On the other hand, a professional messaging service unlike free services guarantees the essential features to send your messages.

Some risks when doing email marketing with free email platforms  

Create a professional email – Why is it better to create a business address?
Create a professional email – Why is it better to create a business address?

Limited number of message broadcasts

In addition to worrying about the transparency of your messages, you need to think first and foremost about the delivery capability of the messaging service you use. This kind of services does not have a setting to send many messages at once. In addition, some services are limited to between 250 and 500 emails per day because they are not created to manage large stocks. Anyway, if you manage to transfer these large volumes, you have to work a lot to get these messages to end up sending these messages.

Lack of statistics

There is another problem when you use free email platforms like Outlook or Gmail. It is that it is impossible to evaluate the results you get. You will not be able to receive information and statistics of your campaigns by email. For example, you will not be able to know the number of emails sent as well as the bounce and opening rates. Indeed, you will work blindly without being able to evaluate your results in a concrete way. Yet this data and statistics are important for your marketing campaign. If you don’t know them, you won’t be able to be reassured about the things you’re doing well and you won’t be able to know what you need to improve.

Another downside is that you won’t be able to track your bounce and bounce rates to keep the right contact lists. Thus, you will avoid bad practices that can lead to a bad IP reputation.

Subscription cancellation issues

If you do not use a professional service, it will be impossible to manage the unsubscribes of your contacts. This could have huge consequences both in legal terms and in terms of the reputation of your product or company.

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Inability to personalize your messages

Free email services were not created to personalize contact lists. So if you use them, know that you will not be able to personalize your messages. Not only is it not possible to add the recipient’s name to the subject or content of the message, but you must also place the names of the recipients one by one.

Design issues

Designing a newsletter has somewhat special features apart from the fact that there are different rules for visualizing the HTML design. The latter will be displayed in various ways depending on the user’s email. The design must be configured to fit smartphone screens. For this reason, it is very simple to create the project with software that allows the use of the Drag & Drop editor and that ensures the creation of a creative design. Also, it must allow you to create the option that allows the preview of the message before sending it.

Reputation issues

If you decide to send bulk emails through Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, it’s possible that your IP reputation will be affected. Also, using these free email services to send many emails would generate a lot of spam.

How to create a professional email with shopify?

It is much more professional to have a contact email address such as hello@shopname.com than a Gmail address. So, here’s how to create a professional email with shopify and this, for free as soon as you have your domain name. This will allow you to share it and exchange with your customers!

First, you need your shopify account with a domain name that you bought. As a reminder, you have by default as your address: nomdevotreboutique.myshopify.com

If you buy a domain name for example “majolieboutique.com”, you can then create @majolieboutique.com addresses. In this case, you can then write what you want before the at sign (@). As an example, we have admin@majolieboutique.com or hello@majolieboutique.com. I use the word “hello” a lot, because it goes through all languages, it’s fresh and it’s good for a contact. It’s up to you to find a professional address that can be original and that will generate sympathy capital why not.

Once you have your domain name and store, go to your admin and click on “domain” again.

Then click on the “manage” or “manage” button next to your domain name. Then click on “add forwarding email address”

Now, it remains to name your professional address at first (I put hello) and say where the email will be redirected!

There you go! Congratulations, you have your professional email address that you will be able to use. You can communicate it to your future customers and of course insert it in the settings of your contact form on Shopify. Your visitors and customers will write directly to this address and you will receive everything in the second email address. But wait, how do I send an email and reply with this address?

How to send an email with your pro address on shopify?

Let’s take into account that you are redirecting to a gmail address. What I advise you to do is still very practical. You can then sync all your addresses and the thunderbird software. I invite you to connect to your email address on gmail.

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Then, click on the gear wheel and then the settings of your gmail email.

Then click on add another email address in “send emails as”

Let Google guide you on the different stages of the pop-up which is very ugly and has just appeared. Once the process is complete, you will be able to log in with this account on Gmail and reply to emails while of course using your business address! If you use another email manager other than gmail, simply search for “suppliername, reply with mail pro” and you will easily find the process to be able to respond with your professional email address to your customers.

Create a professional email: How to set up email forwarding for your shopify domain?

Create a professional email – What is the process to set up email forwarding?
Create a professional email – What is the process to set up email forwarding?

It is not possible to host email on shopify. On the other hand, you can set up an indefinite number of forwarding email addresses if you buy a domain through Shopify. You can do this for free. It is always possible to use another email host, if you want to send an email with your custom forwarding address of your domain. For people who use G suite or Zoho Mail, they can link this hosting service to their domain in Shopify. On the other hand, for those who use a different email host than the ones we mentioned, they can attach an MX record to connect it to their domain. You can make the changes in the DNS settings.

Warning: If you purchased your domain from a third party, the process to set up your email forwarding is not the same.

The process to set up email forwarding

You need to forward all email addresses to an email address that already exists like Outlook or Gmail. You can set up multiple forwards to access different emails.

  • From your Shopify admin page, enter Online Store, and then enter Domains.
  • In the Shopify-managed domains section, click the domain where you want to set up email forwarding.
  • Then, tap on the Add Forward email address option.
  • Enter the email address you want to create in the Store email address input box. You don’t have to write the @ symbol and everything that comes after.
  • Enter your entire destination email in the input box.
  • Finally, tap save.

With this method, you can create all kinds of email address you desire.

Test the created email forwarding address

To do the test, it’s simple. Send each transfer address created, a test email via a different address.

How to reply to customer emails

It is not possible to respond to customers with your custom domain email. To reply to customer messages, you must reply with your email forwarding address. This is the address that your customer will receive in their inbox.


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