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How to create a landing page on Shopify?

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How to create a landing page on Shopify?

Having the marketing knowledge to create a landing page is one thing, but having to create your own landing page is another.

Indeed, creating a landing page often requires advanced technical knowledge to be able to set up specific marketing elements on your page.

Even if you use a CMS such as Shopify, you will probably have to add an element from custom HTML code since it will not necessarily exist in Shopify or your theme.

When you want to obtain a landing page that meets your expectations, you will therefore have to use code, unless you are using a Shopify application specializing in the creation of landing pages.

These apps allow you to create custom landing pages from elements for Shopify designed specifically for creating landing pages.

Find out in this article which applications can be used for your landing page and how you can use them.

Create a landing page with Shogun

The Shogun app for Shopify is an app for creating attractive landing pages.

Easy to use thanks to Shogun’s “drag and drop” system of elements to your Shopify page, you will be able to create fully personalized landing pages in no time.

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To get started, you need to install the app by going to the Shopify App Store by clicking on “Apps” then “Explore apps” from your Shopify store admin panel.

Then, use the search box to search for the “Shogun” application (1) and then click on the search result corresponding to the Shogun application (2) to be able to install it afterwards.

Create a landing page with Shogun

The Shogun application offers a 10-day trial version, after which time you will need to subscribe to the paid version of the application, starting at $39 per month, to continue using it .

After clicking on the “Add app” button on the application’s presentation sheet, you will have to accept the terms of use of the application on your store to be able to start using it.

To do this, after being redirected to your Shopify store, simply click on the “Install app” button, you will then be redirected to the app’s dashboard.

On the Shogun dashboard, you have the option to create a new page for your Shopify store, which will be your landing page.

Click on the “Add page” button at the top right of the interface or on the central button if you have not yet created a page:

Create a landing page with Shogun

Next, you will need to choose the page template you want to create.

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You therefore have the option of choosing from a list of templates pre-designed by Shogun to help you create your pages or you can start from a blank page that you will create entirely by yourself with the Shogun page elements.

Click on the “New blank page” button (1) if you want to start your landing page from scratch or choose a template that suits you to start creating your landing page (2).

Create a landing page with Shogun

After choosing the desired page template, you will need to enter the name of your new page and then click on the button to validate your choice and start creating the page.

The application will then redirect you to the Shogun page editor where you can create your landing page from a blank page or customize the chosen template.

On the Shogun editor interface, you will find in the center the preview of your page with which you can interact (modify an element, rewrite a title, drag and drop elements, etc.).

In the upper bar will be the different screen sizes to view your page in different formats.

On the right of the interface, you will have the list of elements offered by Shogun that you can use for your landing page. These elements can be added to your page with a simple “drag and drop”.

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Finally, at the top right you will find some editing buttons (forward/backward) as well as the button to publish your “Publish” page.

Create a landing page with Shogun

Build your landing page as you see fit thanks to Shogun’s elements and save it by clicking on the “Publish” button when you have finished creating your page.

Create a landing page with PageFly

If you are looking for a free application to create your landing pages, then you can turn to “PageFly”.

This application will offer you the possibility to create landing pages from existing elements in Shopify, third-party applications or with their own elements.

The most significant limit you will have with the free version is the number of pages you can create. However, there are several paid versions that unlock this limit according to your needs.

To use this app, you must install it from the Shopify app store using the search box if desired with the keyword “PageFly”.

Once installed, you will then be redirected to the app’s dashboard, where you manage content created from PageFly.

Start creating your landing page with PageFly by clicking on “Regular Pages” (1) in the “Pages” section of the PageFly menu, then you will have the option of creating your page from scratch or from a template from PageFly.

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To create your proposed page simply click on the “Create a new page” button (2).

If you want to start creating your landing page with an existing template, then click on “Create a new page from templates” (3).

A window will open with a large list of templates designed by PageFly that you can use as you wish to create your own page by customizing the chosen template.

Create a landing page with PageFly

Once you have chosen to create your page from a template or a blank page, you will be redirected to the PageFly editor.

On this page you will find some interesting elements detailed below:

  • On the far left, you will have icons, among this list of icons the first 3 will be very useful (1). The first allows you to add a PageFly element to your page, the second contains Shopify page elements and the third of the elements of third-party applications used on your store.Click on one of the icons to display the list of available elements (2).Select an element then drag and drop it to your page to add it to that -here (3).
  • To the right of the interface is a column containing settings (4). These settings are those of the element selected and being edited. The element settings allow you to customize the elements according to your needs, such as adding a line to a list of products or modifying the products to be displayed in this list.
  • In the top bar are the PageFly editor options (5). You will find options to modify the display of your page (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.); editing options (forward/backward), preview your page or simply save it.
Create a landing page with PageFly

Create your page with the elements and settings offered by PageFly then publish it on your Shopify store by clicking on the “Save” button when you want to make it available to everyone by saving your landing page.

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Creating your landing page on Shopify is accessible to everyone thanks to Shopify applications such as “Shogun” or “PageFly”. These applications provide ready-to-use landing page elements, so you won’t have to create any code for your landing page.

The use of these applications therefore does not require technical knowledge, however creating an effective landing page remains a separate expertise which requires certain marketing skills.

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