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How to create a professional contact email with shopify?

professional contact email with shopify

It is much more professional to have a contact email address such as hello@shopname.com than a gmail address. So, here’s how to have a pro email address (a pro email) with Shopify and this, for free as soon as you have your domain name in order to be able to share it and exchange with your customers!

How to have a pro email with shopify?

First, you need your shopify account with a domain name that you purchased. As a reminder, your default address is: shopname.myshopify.com

If you buy a domain name for example “majolieboutique.com”, you can then create addresses @majolieshop.com. In this case you can then write whatever you want before the at sign @. For example admin@majolieshop.com or hello@majolieshop.com. I use the word “hello” a lot, it works in all languages , it’s fresh and it’s good for making contact. It’s up to you to find a professional address that can be original and why not generate goodwill.

Once you have your domain name and your store, go to your administrator interface and click on “domain” again.

professional contact email with shopify

Then click on the “manage” or “manage” button next to your domain name Then click on “add forwarding email address”

pro email with shopify

Now, it remains to name your professional address first (I put hello) and say where the email will be redirected!

Adress Store Email

And There you go ! Congratulations, you have your professional email address that you will be able to use. You can communicate it to your future customers and of course insert it in the settings of your contact form on Shopify. Your visitors and customers will write directly to this address and you will receive everything in the second email address. But wait, how then to send an email and reply with this address?

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How to send an email with your business address on Shopify?

Well, let’s take into account that you are redirecting to a gmail address (which I advise you to do, it’s still very practical. You can then synchronize all your addresses and the thunderbird software). I invite you to connect to your email address on gmail.

Then click on the cog wheel and then your gmail settings.

How to send an email with your business address on Shopify?

Then click on add another email address in “send emails as”

send email pro

Let Google guide you through the different steps on the very ugly pop-up that just appeared. Once the process is complete, you can log in with this account on Gmail and answer emails while of course using your professional address! If you use another email manager other than gmail, simply search for “name of the supplier respond with pro email” and you will easily find the procedure to be able to reply with your pro email address to your customers.

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