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How to install a Shopify application easily?

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How to install a Shopify application easily?

If you have chosen to use Shopify to create your e-commerce site, it is probably to take advantage of the large library of applications that Shopify offers.

By installing an app on your Shopify site, new features will be available on your store. With the Shopify App Store linked to your site, you can install a Shopify app easily and with just a few clicks.

But it is not the only way to install an app on a Shopify store. Continue reading this article, if you want to discover other methods to install applications on your e-commerce site.

Install a Shopify app through the App Store

Sign in to an administrator account or an account with rights to manage apps in your Shopify store. In the administration panel, then click on “Applications” (1) in the shop menu.

On the “Applications” page of your Shopify site, you will find all the installed applications, but also a “Customize the store” button (2) which allows you to access the Shopify App Store. Click this button to be taken to Shopify’s library of apps that you can install on your store.

Install a Shopify app through the App Store

Once in the Shopify App Store, search for the applications you need then when you are on the presentation sheet of an application you can click on the “Add the application” button to install the application in question.

Install a Shopify application through the App Store

You will then be redirected to your store, on a confirmation page, asking you to confirm the installation of the application by clicking on the “Install the application” button.

How install Shopify app

After installing an app, you can return to the Shopify App Store and install as many apps as you want. On the App Store you will find free and paid applications for various purposes.

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Install a Shopify app with an install link

Some apps can be installed on your store with a simple install link. These links may be given to you by the creator of a third-party app or a developer who has developed a custom app for your Shopify store.

In case the link comes from a custom application created by a developer for your store, this link will only be usable to install the application only on your store and not on any other.

After getting the link, just click on it to land on your Shopify store admin, on the app install confirmation page. Click the “Install App” button to allow the app to be installed on your Shopify store.

Install a private Shopify app

Private apps are not available on the app store, you or a developer can create a private app just for your own store.

The interest of private applications is to add new functionalities to the administrator interface of your Shopify store, to access and use the data of your store via the Shopify API or to have access to your store through other platforms such as a mobile application, video game or other website.

Private applications can be created and installed in the “Applications” section (1) of your Shopify store. Below the list of apps in your store, you will find a clickable link labeled “Manage private apps” (2).

Install a private Shopify app

Click the link to be redirected to the store’s private app management.

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If private apps are disabled on your store, then a warning message will be displayed. On this same message, click on the button “Enable the development of private applications” to activate the installation of new private applications on the store.

A second warning message will appear, alerting you to the operation of private applications. Check each line of information (1) then click on “Enable the development of private applications” (2) to validate the activation of private applications on your Shopify store.

Install a private Shopify app

From this moment, you will be able to create and install new private applications on your Shopify store and return to the private application management page and click on the “Create a private application” button.


Thanks to the App Store set up by Shopify, you can easily install several applications on your Shopify store and thus add multiple functionalities in just a few clicks. This solution is the easiest way to add an app to your Shopify store, but it’s not the only one.

If a developer has created a third-party app or a custom app, you can install that app using an installation link they will provide you.

A final type of app can be installed on your Shopify store, which is private apps. Although these require a little more manipulation to be installed on your store, it is still quite simple to activate the addition of new private applications.

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