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How to integrate Trustpilot reviews on Shopify?

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Customer reviews are important for a business to provide social proof about the services or products that business offers. Trustpilot reviews are opinions that customers can leave on a platform, independent of the companies rated there, after having used a service or product from a company.

These reviews in most cases represent the general opinion that customers have of your company, services and products, allowing Trustpilot visitors to get an idea of ​​the quality of your products and services, but also of the serious about your business.

Integrating Trustpilot reviews on your Shopify store adds a selling point to the products you sell to convince visitors to your e-commerce site to take action and convert them into customers.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate Trustpilot reviews into your e-commerce site created with Shopify in just a few clicks.

Add Trustpilot to Shopify

To integrate Trustpilot reviews on your Shopify store, you must have a Trustpilot Business account for your company. If you don’t already have one, go to the Trustpilot Business account creation page by clicking here and fill in the information requested to create your Trustpilot account.

Once the account has been created, validated with the email received and then connected to your Trustpilot account, you can open the “Integrations” section in the dashboard menu of your Trustpilot Business account and then click on “E-commerce” (1) .

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Choose the “Shopify” platform from the various integration platforms offered then enter the URL of the domain of your Shopify store in the field “Enter your Shopify domain” (2). When you have added the domain of your Shopify store in the associated field, you can click on the “Connect” button (3) to start the integration on your store.

Trustpilot to Shopify

A new window will open on your Shopify store to validate the integration of Trustpilot on your store. Validate the installation of Trustpilot Reviews by clicking on the “Install the application” button at the bottom of the page that opens.

Trustpilot to Shopify

You will then be asked to log in to the Trustpilot Reviews app with your Trustpilot Business account credentials, which you use to manage your company’s profile on Trustpilot.

Enter the email and password, allowing you to connect to your Trustpilot Business account, in the “Email” and “Password” fields then click on “Log in” to connect.

To continue using Trustpilot Reviews, you will need to accept the app’s terms of use and allow the app to use cookies on your Shopify store by clicking the “I understand and accept” checkbox (1) then validating with click on the “Confirm” button (2).

Trustpilot Shopify

The Trustpilot Reviews application will then be installed and active on your Shopify store, but will not display product reviews on your store until a few small adjustments are made.

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After accepting Trustpilot’s terms and cookies, you should be redirected to the app’s settings page. If not, you can access this page by following the following path from your store admin panel: “Applications > Trustpilot Reviews > General”.

On this page, you will find 4 configuration options, including “Add review widget to your website” which is the one that interests us. Click on the “Start” button (1) associated with this option to continue the integration of reviews on your Shopify store.

If you do not have these options displayed in the “General” tab of the Trustpilot Reviews application, you can also click on the “TrustBox” tab (2) which will be the same as clicking on the ” Start”.

Trustpilot to Shopify

In the next step, just click the “Try it out” button if you are integrating your company’s Trustpilot reviews on your Shopify store for the first time.

You will then be able to choose between the different Trustpilot review display models called “TrustBox” and their location on your site.

First, choose the TrustBoxes to integrate into your site (1). In the free version of the application, you will only have access to the “Micro Review Count” and “Review Collector” (2) TrustBoxes which respectively display their total number of reviews on your company and a button to collect new reviews.

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With the superior Trustpilot Business pack, starting at €119 per month, you will have access to new features, but also to all the TrustBoxes such as the “Product Reviews” which allows you to display reviews under a product in your store. .

For the tutorial, we will stick to the free TrustBoxes, but the manipulations will be exactly the same with the TrustBoxes of the higher pack.

When you have chosen the TrustBoxes to add to your site, then select the page where you will add the chosen TrustBoxes (3). For the example of the tutorial, we decide to add the TrustBoxes on all the product pages.

Trustpilot to Shopify

To add a TrustBox to a page, simply drag it from the TrustBox menu to the desired location on the page (1). The available slot will then be indicated by a gray rectangle framed in green (2), release the TrustBox to drop it into the slot that is displayed.

add Trustpilot

You can then customize the TrustBoxes integrated into your website. To do this, hover over the TrustBox to customize to reveal a “Customize” button (1), click on it to display the TrustBox customization menu (2).

Different options will allow you to customize the display of Trustpilot reviews and buttons as you wish. Among these options, you will find those named “TrustBox position” (3) and “Preferred language” (4) which allow you to modify the position of the TrustBox in the location where it is located and to change the language of the texts displayed on the TrustBox.

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Trust pilot Shopify

These two options are very useful for adapting the TrustBox to your Shopify store, we let you discover and use the other options as you see fit.

To complete the integration of Trustpilot reviews on Shopify, click on the “Publish changes” button to see the changes you have just made appear on your site.


Reviews are a powerful asset for companies that manage to collect many positive opinions about their services and products. Trustpilot makes the process easy with a comprehensive review collection and display system. Plus, because Trustpilot is independent from shops and other businesses, Trustpilot reviews will mean more to your visitors than other reviews.

Obviously, it will be more interesting to display Trustpilot reviews on your store if they are positive and if this is not the case, think about improving the quality of your products or the after-sales service of your company before embed Trustpilot reviews on your store.

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