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How to promote on Shopify ?

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How to promote on Shopify

With many advantages, Shopify is a solution that allows you to easily create your SaaS online store. It is popular with online merchants because its interface is easy to use (you don’t need any technical knowledge) and its price is relatively affordable. Moreover, Shopify offers a diverse range of themes , media and it is perfect for dropshippers. However, to boost your sales and have more notoriety in your field, you will have to put in place many strategies to attract customers. To do this, promotional campaigns are a great idea. This allows you to please your customers by offering them the opportunity to make a good deal. However, do you know how to make Shopify promo? Here is the complete guide to offering tempting discounts to your customers throughout the year.

Creating discount codes on Shopify: What to know before getting started?

Shopify promotion – Know the process to better take advantage of it

No matter what type of Shopify plan you have, you have the option to set up coupon codes. Note that for each online store, the limit is set at 20 million. If you’re using Shopify POS, your customers can come in person to redeem the code discount. Otherwise, they will do it through your online store. To edit a Shopify promo code , you will have to enter a certain amount of information. These include, among others:

  • the period of validity;
  • the number of times the code can be used;
  • the minimum purchase amount that allows you to enjoy the reduction;
  • customers affected by the promotion;
  • collections, products and variants concerned.
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Regarding this last point, you should know that a Shopify promotion code cannot apply to more than 100 products and variations. In addition, it should be noted that your discount codes can come in different forms. This can be an amount, percentage, or shipping charge reduction. You can also delight your customers by opting for a “buy X and get Y” promotion. This type of Shopify promotion is perfect if you want to boost your sales.

As soon as you have set up the Shopify promo code of your choice, you will be provided with a report of the sales benefiting from the discount. The latter will allow you to know precisely the number of codes used by customers.

How do I create a promotion based on a fixed amount or a percentage?

If what you are interested in is creating a discount that works on the basis of a percentage or a fixed sum, the steps to follow are as follows.

Create the Shopify promotion code

From your desktop, go to the Shopify admin and click on “Discounts”. Then, on this page, you click on the “create a discount” button and then navigate to the section called “discount code”. Here you need to choose and enter a name for your new promotion. For illustrative purposes, your Shopify shopping cart promo code may look like this: 15offnelaces.

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In addition, when creating the titles of your promotions, you must absolutely avoid including special characters. Indeed, this does not allow the names to integrate properly with the URL during the passage of the customer to the checkout of your online store. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is possible to randomly generate the name of your promo code. To do this, all you have to do is click on the “generate a code” button located in the “discount code” section.

Choose the type of promotion

Once you have a name for your new Shopify automatic discount, you now need to choose the type of promotion. You will find the different options in the “types” section. What interests you here is a promotion based on an amount or a percentage.

Specify the reduction and the articles concerned

To do this, mention in the box “Value of the reduction” the percentage or the amount of the reduction. Now go to the “applies to” section and select the products or collections to which the discount can be applied.

Set minimum Shopify promotion requirements

If you wish, you have the possibility to define a minimum requirement for the enjoyment of the reduction. To include this parameter, you have two options. First, you can set the minimum purchase amount. In this case, a customer can only claim the discount if they actually made a purchase for an amount equal to or greater than your requirement. Second, you can set a minimum quantity of products. There, the customer can only enjoy the promotion if he orders the minimum number of items or more.

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Define the potential beneficiaries of the Shopify promotion

At this stage, you must specify the beneficiaries of your promotion. It can be:

  • everyone ;
  • new customers ;
  • specific groups;
  • former customers;
  • specific customers.

To do so, go to the “Customer eligibility” section. If you have already created groups initially, you will only have to scroll and choose. The list of your customers will be displayed with their email or phone number depending on the information available on your Shopify store. If necessary, you also have the possibility to create new groups for this promotion.

Limit the use of the promo code

Shopify promotion – Generate customer interest by limiting coupon codes

How many times should the promo code be used during your promotional campaign? This is the question you will answer now. For example, you can set as limit 500 times. This means that the promo code cannot be used more than 500 times by all of your customers. It is also possible to limit the number of uses of the discount code per customer. To do this, you will just need to check their email.

Establish the Shopify promotion schedule

Here you need to set the Shopify promotion duration. So go to the “Activity dates” section and use the calendar to choose the start and end date of the Shopify balance . It should be noted that it is also possible to choose only the start date. In this case, your promotion obviously does not have an expiration date and your customers will be able to benefit from it indefinitely.

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Save Shopify promotion

After integrating all the configurations, you must now click on the “Save discount” button to save your new promotion in shopify store. From now on, you will find it in the “Discount” tab of the administrator interface for this new Shopify promotion. All you have to do is send the code to your customers via email or share it on your online store.

How do I create a free shipping promotion?

In case you want to offer your customers free shipping, all you need to do is create a free shipping Shopify promotion. Indeed, it should be noted that this reduction cannot be applied to the basket of your customers automatically, they must enter the code during their checkout. The steps you need to follow to achieve this are as follows.

  • Click on “Discounts” then on “Create a discount” from the Shopify administration interface.
  • Enter the name of the Shopify promotion code in the “Discount Code” section or randomly generate a discount code by clicking “Generate Code”.
  • Choose the “Free Shipping” option in the “Options” section.
  • Go to the “Countries” section and check the countries that can benefit from this free shipping. Also, it is possible to exclude certain countries based on their shipping costs.
  • Configure the minimum requirements by going to the “Minimum requirements” section. It can be a minimum purchase amount, a number of items or the cost of shipping to the customer’s country.
  • Go to the “Customer eligibility” section to define the characteristics of customers eligible for your new Shopify promotion.
  • Limit the use of the discount code by configuring the settings in the “Limits of use” section.
  • Set a validity period for your Shopify promotion by choosing a start date and an end date in the “Activity dates” section. However, it is possible to choose only the start date.
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At this stage, all you have to do is save your Shopify promotion by clicking on the “Save discount” button. This new discount will also be accessible on the “Discount” page and you can already share the code with your customers.

How do I create a “buy X and get Y” promotion?

Shopify promotion – Have little tricks to dominate the market

A Buy X and Get Y Shopify promotion is very popular. Among other things, this type of reduction allows you to reward your customers, boost your sales and sell stocks of very sluggish products. For example, you can offer everyone who buys 2 t-shirts in your online store a free hat. On the other hand, you can decide to offer for example a t-shirt from a minimum purchase of products.

To set up such a Shopify promotion, you must also access “Discounts” from your administrator interface. Then you go to the “Discount” page and click on the “create a discount” button. As with all other types of promotions, you also need to create a discount code. You can generate it automatically or enter a code of your choice.

After this step, select the type of promotion (Buy X Get Y) and configure the parameters in the “Customer Buys” section. Here you can set the minimum quantity of items, the minimum purchase amount and the items concerned. Now move on to the “Customer gets” section and indicate which items the customer will get for free. Now, you need to set customer eligibility features, Shopify promotion period (start and end date), maximum number of uses, and offer usage limits.

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Now save your Shopify promotion by clicking on “Save discount code”. Finally, share the discount code on your online store or send it by email to your customers. Indeed, to get this item for free, the customer will have to enter the code when checking out.

How do I promote subscriptions?

When you offer your customers products or services through a subscription, it is also possible to organize a Shopify promotion. Of course, it is not possible to opt for an “X for the price of Y” type reduction. However, you can grant the reduction of a fixed amount or a percentage on the subscription prices. To do this, simply follow the procedure as described above depending on the type of Shopify promotion chosen.

How to duplicate a Shopify discount?

 To save time, you have the option to duplicate a similar discount with the Shopify mobile app. The latter is available on both Android and iPhone. The steps to follow are simpler and are as follows.

Go to “Store” then “Discounts” from the Shopify mobile app. Next, click on the Shopify promotion you want to duplicate. Now press ⋮ (if you’re using an Android) or … (if you’re using an iPhone). This will allow you to expand the menu and then you can duplicate the reduction in question. In this step, you can enter or generate a discount code for your shopify app promotion. Finally, click on “Save” (if you are using an iPhone) or on ✓ (if you are using an Android).

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Ultimately, Shopify gives you the ability to create a variety of promotions on your online store . As for the steps to follow to set them up, they are simple and do not require technical knowledge . Do not hesitate to offer the best to your customers in terms of promotions throughout the year.

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