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How to remove powered by shopify or Powered e-commerce

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How Delete Powered By SHopify

A very quick tutorial to show you how you can remove the mention “powered by shopify ” or “propelled by shopify” present in the majority of free Shopify themes! An element to absolutely remove from the code to give much more credibility to your shop!

Why remove the “powered by shopify”?

Quite simply because this mention allows other dropshippers to quickly identify your shop on google and steal your ideas. They can even pull your products based on the number of sales you make! I will give you this trick in another article. In addition, the mention “powered by shopify” at the bottom of the page in the footer:

  • Inform your visitor that he is on a shopify store and can think about dropshipping .
  • Doesn’t look professional! You might as well give a quality image to your visitors.
  • Takes up a little space in the footer and it’s always a win!

So many reasons that should motivate you to remove the mention “ Electronic commerce powered by shopify ” present in your online store . No need to support Shopify by leaving this mention, they are already well enough known without needing that 🙂

How do I remove the mention “powered by shopify” from the code of my shop?

Some themes allow you to remove it by checking or unchecking a box, but this is very rare. Paid themes remove this mention automatically (This is the case for example of Speedfly that I recommend or Fastlane). Otherwise, here is how to remove this mention at the bottom of the page:

  1. Access your theme code.
  2. Searches for a filename related to the footer or footer.
  3. Do the search “powered”. You should find two mentions normally in the same file.
  4. Delete this mention as well as the two tags (one opening and one closing) that surround the text.💎
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Much more than text, nothing beats images and a video. Here’s how to modify your shopify theme to remove this famous mention with this little tutorial!How do I remove or remove “propelled by shopify” or “powered by shopify”?

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