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How to use Dsers on Shopify?

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How to use Dsers on Shopify?

Dsers is a Shopify plugin as well as a chrome extension. It is a free technology achievement developed especially for Aliexpress . It allows you to quickly import products from Aliexpress and then market them online. Indeed, with Dsers on Shopify , you can automate requests on your droshipping store. In practice, if you have an e-commerce store, you won’t be able to manually fulfill several hundred orders.

Fortunately, Shopify and some apps make the job faster. Although it doesn’t do all the work, the Dsers app has several features. For example, we can cite the absence of limitation with regard to the addition of products and the speed of product publications. You can also easily increase the number of orders. How to use Dsers to make your business profitable on Shopify?

How to install the Dsers application on shopify?

Dsers on shopify – Do a step-by-step installation

The installation of Dsers is obviously done on the Shopify store that belongs to you. Open your store, then open your apps. Then choose the option “add a new application”. In the search bar, type “Dsers”, then follow the instructions. After installation, the app offers a user guide that might come in handy. However, we will let you know the gist of its use here.

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You can also download the app by clicking a highlighted link in the Shopify app store. In this case, after downloading, you must link your Shopify store and your Aliexpress account. To do this, we first link the Aliexpress account to Dsers. In this context, click on the “Aliexpress Account Whitelisted” button to adapt your Ali interface to Dsers. Also, link your stores by clicking “Link to more stores”. To ensure that the store is linked, then check the appearance of the store name on the interface.

 It is possible and useful to synchronize many shops on the Dsers account, as it simplifies automatic orders. It may happen that you do not see the products and orders in Dsers. In this case, after installation, open the Dsers application in Shopify. Click application and ignore logging details because for Dsers Shopiffy app, Dsers takes logging notes from Shopify.

How to set Epack shipping for Dsers?

This is to ask Dsers to take Epack as the shipping method by suppliers. Epack represents an economical and fast shipping system that also allows tracking. There is a list, which you can view, of countries that Epack shipping covers. So only use this sending method. To change this option, go to Dsers, then settings, and click on Epack in the menu.

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How to import then register products in Dsers?

Import can be done from Aliexpress or Shopify.

Import from Aliexpress

One can add the Aliexpress products to his store. First, you have to import the products from Aliexpress. In order to arrange multiple orders at once, you must first import the products from Aliexpress into Dsers. It can also include linking products that are in Shopify to merchandise from Aliexpress. There are two ways to import products. One of them is to access the bulletin board of Dsers app on the page called “My products”.

Next, import the product with the addition of an appropriate field. Another method is using Dsers aliexpress chrome extension. To do this, set up Dsers chrome extension, and then import the product by clicking on the “add to Dsers” option. In Chrome, click on Aliexpress.com. Second, click on Dsers extension. Select the store ID, then select Epack. Choose the Update Settings option. Finally, you will be able to add the merchandise from any Aliexpress store.

Import from Shopify

First, click on the “My products” tab. Second, by right-clicking, choose the “Import Shopify Product” button. Select your store if necessary, and then check the products to import. Validate by clicking on “Import”, an orange button. The page will refresh and therefore display the imported products.

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How to modify your products on Dsers?

Dsers on shopify – Benefit from the many advantages of the application

 When pushing merchandise to Shopify, do not make the change from Dsers. Access to Shopify allows you to edit the product. These are the name, description, link and other elements.

After adding the items, Dsers Shopify App allows editing them. In the product section, there are 3 tabs. New items are routed without impressions. Click the pen icon to edit products. The click gives access to a tab that allows the modification of the title, the description, as well as other variants of the product. After editing, click “save” then push the merchandise to Shopify. Online, a window will offer you to create your product online. Select the “verify” option.

After accessing Shopify, you will find your products in the products section. You have the ability to make changes as needed.

Define price rules on Dsers

It is not possible to automatically update the price of items on Dsers, at least for now. Before adding a product, pricing is set manually. First, open Dsers Shopify, then in Settings choose Pricing rules. You have the choice of a common form of pricing: X2.5. In addition, define an Assign that will accompany the price of each product. Manually decrease the price of the item to the profit margin you are looking for.

How to add product links?

To add a product link, click on “mapping page”. Below, you will see the photo of the product concerned. Copy then paste the product link into “Alternate Products”, then select “Import” for validation. Select “Set” to choose the product option. Choose the default product option or according to the number of suppliers , fill in this option. Then, click “OK” to validate. You can only use one supplier , but you can import different products from Aliexpress.

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How to add reviews to products on Dsers?

On Dsers or Oberlo, it is possible to add reviews to downloaded products. So, this process is the same on Shopify apps. First, download the Ryviu chrome extension . Go to Shopify login and open Dsers and simultaneously Ryviu. Click “push products” in Dseers. Then click the product name in a new tab in Aliexpress. Click on the Ryviu extension. Click on the “Get handle of products from your store” option. Then click on “get reviews”. You will see the green success message on the page. You can also manually edit the reviews on the guide.

How to place a Dsers order ?

Placing an order is quite simple in Dsers. Go to Shopify as soon as you receive the order. Then go to applications, then to “Dsers” and finally to orders and select “place order”.

What are the vendor settings?

SET  : it is an option that allows to specify the optional or main seller. Adding a Surplus Vendor is contingent on adding a Primary Vendor. We add the complementary seller if the main one does not have everything we need. This setting can be changed at any time on your Shopify store.

MAPPING : Provides the ability to match Shopify product data with Aliexpress product options.

SET SHIPPING  : it allows you to specify the shipping method for a particular product and a priority over other shipping methods.

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PLACE MULTIPLE ORDERS WITH THIS PRODUCTS  : Using this option allows you to select and then essentially place orders for a given product.

IMPORT  : is done using a link to a given product.

How to choose your delivery method?

Dsers on shopify – Opt for the best service in terms of delivery

The “SET SHIPPING” key is used to set the delivery . We strongly advise you to use “Epacket” shipping to obtain information to track the delivery of your packages. Some suppliers may replace others. This is “Aliexpress Standard”, a default shipping that allows mandatory tracking. No worries since this delivery method is not displayed on the package with French Dsers. Orders from Aliexpress necessarily go through an intermediary that is Royal Mail or they change the delivery slip. In this case, there are no Chinese writings on the package upon receipt.

How to adjust Dsers parameters?

There are different sections to adjust in Dsers.

Shipping Setting

The sending method setting selection is automatic. Its configuration is done in two ways. In fact, in the general settings, it is possible to configure the selection of shipping automatically. This configuration is done according to the place of destination, the time and the shipping cost. You can find this section in the “advanced settings” dial.

General setting

This is the parameter that allows you to automatically configure shipping according to the country of destination. The method contains various parameters.

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Country  : choose the country that suits you in the delivery note or do not tick any option if you deliver the goods everywhere.

Option  : Initially, three options allow you to define the default sending method. The first option is used first. On the other hand, if this method cannot be used, the system automatically selects the method chosen in the options . It is possible to add other options.

Add country  : this option allows you to add additional countries or destinations by selecting “add a country”.

Save  : Make changes to adjust the settings. Finally save the changes.

Advanced Parameter Settings

It is an option that allows the automatic configuration of product shipping methods, and it depends on the price and the duration.

Country  : choose a country or leave the list unchanged if you deliver to all destinations in the world.

 Tracking information  : with the activation of this option, Dsers automatically selects the shipping method that takes into account tracking by number. The option is functional by default.

Shipping period  : allows you to specify the shipping time that is acceptable.

Shipping cost  : allows you to specify the maximum shipping costs for you.

Add country  : this option allows the addition of an additional country for the destination.

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The follow-up

This is the activation of notifications by mailbox. These notifications contain the name of the sending service and a link to track the delivery of the product.

Other settings

“Other parameters” allows access to other parameters. Synchronization is a feature that allows you to select orders to transfer from Shopify to Dsers. Orders are synced once per added store. After this synchronization, the option will be out of access until the new store is connected to the system.

Automation of orders

It is done using the “ all pending orders ” button   . A window will open to access the selected commands. Proceed to check the delivery methods that you can change if necessary. Then proceed to confirmation. If all orders have been placed in Aliexpress, press “OK” or “make payment”. Thanks to the multiple order, you can make almost a hundred purchases. This function is effective in times of sales and promotions.

Why do we prefer Shopify to WordPress?

WordPress is an online commerce platform. When it comes to Dropshipping , it is the main competitor of the Shopify platform. WooCommerce represents an extension of WordPress. It is called “open source” because it is software that allows access to native programming. This access allows the creation of derivative works from the “source code”. Woocommerce is therefore a Shopify plugin designed for all types of businesses that use WordPress. One of the greatest assets of WordPress is its more accessible cost, since several applications are free.

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However, Shopify remains number 1 in E-commerce and Dropshipping because it has achieved a feat that no interface has yet been able to match. Indeed, Shopify allows absolutely everyone to easily create their e-commerce site. In addition, it works with all providers, from the most popular to the least known, without there being any unfair relations between them. In addition, it should be noted that Shopify rarely bugs. One can use Shopify with Dsers or Oberlo and many other plugins.

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