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Insert a video on shopify: How to achieve it?

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Insert a video on shopify: How to achieve it?

You can insert a video on your shopify store to promote a product if you wish. Indeed, videos can sometimes replace product sheets. It makes your store more attractive. Also, through the video, the presentation of the product or the message to convey to the customer is relatively very clear. However, you have to know how to insert a video on shopify . So how to insert a video on shopify? The answer to this question will be the subject of this article. Also, we will take care to present shopify and its advantages.

Insert a video on shopify: What is a shopify store?

Introducing a shopify store

Insert a video on shopify – Understanding how shopfiy works
Insert a video on shopify – Understanding how shopfiy works

Created in SaaS computer language, shopify is a platform for e- commerce . It is designed to allow anyone wishing to have a virtual store to be able to rent a domain and carry out activities there.

The rental period is monthly. Indeed, each month, any tenant pays a fee to the owners of the platform. This gives him the right to continue to benefit from the latter’s services. It is a unique e-commerce model.

Shopify stands out from all other platforms for its simple operation. This is already noticeable when creating your Shopify store. Indeed, you will not need to download an application before designing your virtual store. This is done in just a few clicks through the main Shopify platform.

This simplicity is also noticeable in the administration and management of your store. For example, you have the option of inserting a video on your shopify store. This helps you present your product to your customers differently and in the most beautiful way.

Likewise, the customer will also have an ease in consulting your store. It is the perfect platform for people who are new to e-commerce. It is this simplicity that is the source of its success.

The origins of Shopify

As for these origins, Shopify was created and made operational during the year 2006. It was the initiative of 3 Canadians. Their initial ambition was to set up a virtual store in which they will promote snowboards. So they went to the market to find the system that best suited their ambitions. Their search was unsuccessful. They have not found a program that meets their desire.

So they set out to develop a special program that meets the standards. This resulted in the platform referred to as Snowdevill. It was in 2004. The success encountered by this platform pushed them further. They had the idea of ​​designing something bigger to serve the community. So, they improved the program and Shopify was born in 2006 .

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Why insert a video on your shopify store  

Today, video is an integral part of your web marketing strategy. It presents itself as the strategy that best attracts customers. Moreover, 76% of Internet users recognize its usefulness and estimate their preference for video better than anyone. It is therefore no longer an option but a necessity for all companies. She plays the following roles:

Insert a video on shopify: Beat the competition  

The internet is where the web in general has become the center of business especially when you are into dropshipping . Despite several proven benefits of dropshipping, it can pose a potential risk to the merchant. This is mainly about the positioning of your store and all the information available. Indeed, the customer makes the final decision to buy a given product after comparing the information available on two or more products. And under these conditions, video is your best option to attract customers.

Indeed, inserting a video on your shopify store gives you better SEO. It is estimated that the presence of a video on your product sheets, multiplies by 50 the chance of your shop to appear on the first page proposed by Google. The better your video ranks, the better your consumer adoption.

In addition, the presence of a video better captures the attention of customers or visitors to your E-store. Indeed, through the video, the customer has the opportunity to clearly see the product in action. The video best explains the effectiveness of your product. This reassures your customers and they quickly choose your product rather than that of the competition. In addition, it should be noted that more than 7 out of 10 consumers (71%) think that video is the best message transmitter and reassures the customer in a few minutes.

In addition, we notice that the video thanks to the images contained and the explanations releases the message simply and with zeal.

Due to all these qualities and advantages, video allows you to get ahead of your challengers. Also, you can build reputations with your own brands.

Insert a video on shopify: The video enhances the image of your products

Insert a video on shopify – Make quality videos
Insert a video on shopify – Make quality videos

It is estimated that the sites with the most beautiful images are the most valued thanks to the influx of visitors. For example, articles with images are more than 90% viewed than those without an image. This proportion extended to video must be close to 100%. As a result, your turnover will really increase during the period. You will have a good profit margin and a good reputation for your business.  

As far as customers are concerned, the videos allow them to have a better understanding of the product. The customer has a better idea about the product and the mechanism of its action. In addition, you create through video, a relationship based on trust and therefore customer loyalty. For example, approximately 96% of product consumers believe that video is instrumental in the selection and purchase process.

However, care must be taken that the video is very short and covers the essentials. For example, for a household appliance, the video must highlight these different technical capabilities and very briefly. If the video lasts, the customer will get tired of it after 2 min and move on. Besides, he won’t have all day to buy a simple device. For this, we advise you to have relatively short videos (generally less than a minute).

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Finally, videos save you from returning merchandise from customers after purchase and shipping to customers. This therefore allows you to avoid money losses of money.  

Video as a sign of commitment

In addition to its role in web marketing, video presents itself as a factor of certainty that encourages the customer to trust you absolutely. In this case, it, in form and substance, creates a climate of engagement with customers and Internet users. They make a commitment to share on several other platforms.

Furthermore, consumers consider that a company which puts videos on the Internet for each of these products makes a commitment to quality and is ready for any responsibility for the quality of the product, which it undertakes to compensate in the event of non satisfaction. This opinion is shared, for example, by 77% of e-commerce customers.

Finally, it should be noted that you must work on the video quality. The devices used to make the video must be of very good quality.

Some characteristics of your video to insert on shopify  

As we explained earlier, your video must be of impeccable quality. Its design should be unique and attract customers. Other than that, the video doesn’t take much time. We advise you to turn around a minute at most. As for the file size, the maximum you can download and install on shopify is 20 megabytes at most. Beyond that, the download cannot be done. The platform will refuse.

Process to insert a video on shopify  

The process to insert a video on the product page of your shopify store is quite simple. This is done in a few clicks and only in 5 min. to achieve this, you will need:

Insert video on shopify: Upload your product video to shopify  

To insert a video on Shopify, you must first start by going to the administrator page of your Shopify store. Once on this page, look for the “Parameter” virtual command tool. It’s near the bottom left of your navigation screen. As soon as you click on parameter, an interface will appear that includes several sections.

Among these sections, you will need to find the “File” section and click on it. Then, on the new interface, press the “Download file” virtual button. From then on, you will be redirected to your computer’s hard drive to find the video to insert on your shopify store. Once found, you click on the file and its download will begin.

At the end of the download, you will have a confirmation of the download by checking the database of your shopify store. This is manifested by the presence of the link of the downloaded video. Thereafter, copy the link indicated and go and paste it somewhere where you can retrieve it.

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Insert the video on the product sheet of the product concerned

Insert a video on shopify - Make profit with quality videos
Insert a video on shopify – Make profit with quality videos

To put the video on the product sheet, you will first have to press the virtual “Products” button. This button is to the left and at the top of your navigation screen. Then, you must select the product sheet concerned and open the product sheet. On the latter, you will see a part reserved exclusively for the “Description” of the product.

Then, you have to click on the 2 chevrons present to put the publication in HTML code. As soon as this is done, copy the code found there in the description. In addition, we must not forget to keep the code in its HTML form. Now that you have the necessary HTML code, the video link to insert on your shopify store is missing.

Then, you will copy the link of your video from the place where you left it previously and paste it in place of the part where the VIDEO LINK is. This procedure is the same as the previous one in case the video would be hosted on other platforms such as You Tube, vimeo and many others. All you have to do is copy the link from the hosting site and paste it instead of the VIDEO LINK.

Furthermore, it is important to note that there is no fixed position recommended for inserting the video on Shopify. It can be in the middle, bottom or top. It doesn’t bother. It all depends on you and the orientations you want to give to your page.

Finally, you must save or save everything you have just done. This is the penultimate step of the process to insert a video on shopify.

Insert video on shopify: The verification phase of the video uploaded

You have just followed the most important phases of the process to insert a video online on shopify. However, there is one last one that is no less interesting. This is the video of the verification phase of the uploaded video. This last phase consists of verifying the functionality of your video . This will be to check the correct playback of the video at the front office of the shopify store.

To do this, you will need to press the virtual “View” button. If the video is well installed, it will play smoothly and just as easily. Also, you will notice that the HTML code adjusts perfectly according to the screen size of the device used to view your store. On the other hand, if it is not properly installed, you will notice playback problems. At this time, we advise you to cancel and resume the procedure. It’s the best thing to do.

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