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Shopify – How to do a 301 redirect?

Redirection 301 Shopify

301 redirects are very useful for permanently redirecting users arriving on a page to a new page. If you delete a page or change the URL of a page, you can create a 301 type URL redirect so that traffic arriving on the deleted or modified page is automatically redirected to another page or the new URL of the page. page.

For example, these redirects can be used on your Shopify store when you delete a product or change a blog page URL.

301 redirects are taken into account by search engines, this offers the advantage that you will not lose the popularity of a redirected page if you use a 301 redirect to redirect users to another page.

In this article, you will learn how to create a 301 redirect from a page in your Shopify store to a new page on the site.

Add a redirect URL on Shopify

To create a URL redirect on your site created with Shopify, you must log in to your store’s administration panel with an administrator account or an account with the rights to add a redirect URL.

After logging in with the account that has the access, click on the “Browse” category (2) which appears by scrolling down the “Online store” section (1) by clicking on it.

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On the navigation page of your store where you can manage your site’s menus, you will find a clickable link “Show redirect URLs” (3) at the top right. Click the link to display your Shopify store’s redirect management interface.

Add a redirect URL on Shopify

On this redirects interface, if you do not yet have any redirects created, click on the “Add a redirect URL” button to add a new 301 redirect. If you already have one or more redirects created, the button will be called then “Create a URL redirect”.

Add a redirect URL on Shopify

Adding a redirect on Shopify is simple, you simply need to enter the URL that is to be redirected in the “Redirect from” field (1) then the URL that will be the target of the redirect in the “Redirect to” field. (2) before clicking the “Save redirect” button (3) to complete the creation of the 301 redirect.

Redirection 301 Shopify

Once the 301 redirect is in place, all visitors trying to access the URL entered in the “Redirect from” field will be automatically redirected to the “Redirect to” URL.


If you have pages redirecting to 404 pages (error pages), 301 redirects are very useful to redirect visitors to a new page that will answer their initial search. In a more general case, URL redirects may be set up each time you delete a page from your Shopify store.

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Integrating a URL redirect management system directly into Shopify admin makes it easy to create 301 redirects on your store.

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