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Shopify payment methods : What means to do dropshipping?

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Shopify payments

There are multiple ways to charge your customers on Shopify . But what are the most effective shopify payment methods to allow you to increase your conversions and not have payment problems? The answer with Paypal and Stripe !

Shopify payment methods: Paypal and Stripe are the most used payment methods

Shopify payment methods: Paypal and Stripe are the most used payment methods

If you hesitate to integrate PayPal on your shopify dropshipping store, it’s a mistake. It is indeed very interesting to offer the method of payment by credit card via stripe and also payment via PayPal despite the commissions. We always want to save money here and there by telling ourselves that if we don’t use PayPal as a means of payment, the future customer will necessarily choose to pay by card. Alas no ! A customer who wants to pay by PayPal and cannot find PayPal will simply leave your site.

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Stripe will allow you to capture bank cards and also benefit from its advantages such as card fraud detection. Don’t even think about using the payment system offered by your bank, they are miles away from reality and market needs for e-commerce stores. PayPal is the best solution to verify and secure payments . This protects you and your client. This is an excellent point to reassure your future customers about the credibility of your shopify store and increase your conversions. In a word, if you do dropshipping or e-commerce, it is absolutely necessary that you integrate these two payment methods.How to change or add Shopify payment methods

Shopify payment methods: My Paypal and Stripe accounts are blocked because of dropshipping!

In dropshipping, it happens that your paypal account is blocked. The same is true for your stripe account, which then no longer allows you to transfer the money present in the account. We often hear that Paypal hates dropshipping and on the one hand, it’s true! But that’s no reason to give it up.

The fact is that paypal receives a lot of complaints from dropshipping sites and blocks your account for this. It is simply because customers complain that they have not received their product or that the delivery time is abnormally long. Thus, paypal who wants to keep its brand image will listen to its customers and visit your shop in order to sanction your account. He needs to keep this brand image and if you damage it, it’s normal that he stops working with you.

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To avoid this situation, you simply have to be in good standing by informing your customers very precisely that delivery times are long! This will prevent them from complaining. If you have no complaints, you have nothing to worry about. You can of course succeed in having your paypal account unlocked after a few days of exchange…

Shopify payment methods: An alternative, skrill and other payment methods

Shopify payment methods: An alternative, skrill and other payment methods

The alternatives to stripe and PayPal are used in countries where you cannot claim to offer stripe and PayPal as payment. If, for example, you are in a country located in Africa, PayPal and Stripe do not necessarily offer this method of payment to entrepreneurs in this region for obscure reasons. You can then try another payment method:

Skrill, which can be an excellent alternative to Stripe and thus allow you to manage bank cards.

Accept other payment methods, because there are a multitude of them offered in Shopify! You can access this list in your shopify settings.

You can also accept bank transfers without worries, but this is much more restrictive and lengthens payment and order processing times.

For the check, you can forget. There is too much risk of non-payment, bad checks and it may take you a lot of time to cash them, manage orders and so on. You might as well easily round off your salary by saving time and money!

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Ultimately, the answer to the question “which payment methods should you use for shopify and dropshipping” is that if you can use Stripe and PayPal, don’t hesitate! Try to be as transparent as possible with your customers and everything will be fine. I explain how to be on top with your customers in my dropshipping training.How much do you earn in Dropshipping and what salary to pay as a self-employed person?

Shopify payment methods: What is an online payment method?

When creating your online store, it is necessary to place a Shopify payment method there. Thus, you allow your customer to settle these transactions. However, with the multitude of shopify payment methods available, how do you find the one that will be the savior. The choice of its means of payment is for the most part related to the two largest providers in the field of payment. These are stripe and PayPal. However, there are nevertheless many alternatives other than stripe and PayPal which have their advantages and also their disadvantages. But, you have to know the usefulness of a shopify payment method. Thus, the means of payment offers the possibility of sending and encrypting everything related to the transaction. Verify card payment option.

Moreover, after all these successful steps you must process the transaction and delete it. Indeed, managing money is very delicate. So, to choose your shopify payment method, you have to take into account several different factors.

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Shopify Payment Methods: What to Look for in Shopify Payment Method?


When carrying out online transactions, security is the first priority for users. Indeed, to make sure that your payment method is secure, check if it is PCI compliant. You should know that each of the payment methods mentioned here has its own additional security setting. In addition, these means of payment comply with the standards.

The simplicity of payment

Another very important factor that you must take into consideration is the simplicity in the use of these means of payment. In fact, one in four people abandon an order because of the length of the ordering process. You should know that for your website, the payment process is a very important part. In addition, you have the possibility to customize this part to considerably increase your conversion rate. By reducing the number of clicks required to purchase a product, you optimize the experience of your users during the payment process. Thus, you reduce the rate of abandonment of shopping carts. In this case, choose a payment method that gives the possibility of personalizing it in order to facilitate the experience of your prospects.

Transaction fees

Transaction fees are very important to consider. The standards in force give a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction carried out. Indeed, to stand out from the competition, some providers offer users volume discounts and different rates for each micro-payment.

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Payment methods

Customers have particular preferences when it comes to online payment. In addition, each country has its own rules and payment methods. Indeed, the more people will be able to pay for their purchases, the more advantageous it will be. In this case, you will have to offer a large number of payment options on your online sales site. In addition, it is important to note that the various electronic wallets are gaining notoriety. On the other hand, bank cards are losing notoriety as a means of online payment. These are factors to consider when choosing your Shopify payment methods.

Shopify payment methods: What are the different payment methods available?

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the various important criteria for choosing a payment method, we are going to determine the best method for you.

PayPal Standard

PayPal is the most popular online payment method. Indeed, it alone represents around 60% of the market share. Thus, the payment method PayPal offers two different subscriptions for all small businesses. These are standard and pro subscriptions. PayPal Standard offers you the possibility to add a “pay now” tab on your platform. This way, your customers will then be able to pay you. For this, you will have to register and then on your platform, add one of their buttons for payment. PayPal will handle the rest of the process for you. Indeed, the ease of use of PayPal makes this Shopify payment method a very good choice for those who want to start in e-commerce. You have no monthly fees to pay and transaction fees are 2.9% + 0,

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Moreover, the disadvantage with this shopify payment method is related to its lack of customization. Indeed, you are limited to the only type of payment button that you want to put on your platform. Additionally, the other downside of PayPal Standard is that you lose control of the payment experience entirely. Indeed, it allows you to connect your customers to an external platform where they put their details and make their payments. With this other step, you will lose control and you also risk losing several sales. Additionally, PayPal Standard is only present in 203 countries. If you don’t have PayPal at home, there are other alternatives that you can use.

PayPal Pro

PayPal Pro represents the premium version of PayPal. Similar to PayPal Standard, setting up PayPal pro is very simple. In addition, it has a considerable advantage over PayPal Standard. Indeed, PayPal Pro gives users the opportunity to pay directly on your platform. Thus, the ordering process is more simplified. Plus, the experience is more customizable. You can test several payment methods to find out which ones bring you more sales. However, these advantages that PayPal Pro gives you are paid. This plan costs $30 a month apart from the various usual fees for the transaction.


Stripe is the second most popular option if you don’t want to use PayPal. Indeed, the particularity of strige lies in the fact that it allows you to fully control your payment experience. In addition, you have no monthly fees to pay. However, Stripe has many very useful features such as security, online payments and a very comprehensive dashboard. The main drawback of Stripe is that it was designed only for developers. It is therefore easier to use for people who have already coded. Thus, Stripe can be difficult to use for beginners. In addition, Stripe accepts many options for payment, but does not take into account the PayPal electronic wallet. The Shopify Stripe payment method is present in 34 countries.

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Shopify Payments

Shopify has partnered with Stripe to provide users of the Shopify platform with a clean, integrated payment method. Thus, your online store becomes as simple as possible. Using Shopify Payments offers a very big advantage. Indeed, it is integrated directly into your store, so it is very easy to use and configure. Shopify charges you for using another payment method for each transaction (2.9% + $0.30 on the initial plan). However, if you decide to use Shopify Payments, you will only have to pay the usual transaction fees. In addition, it allows customers to stay on your platform during their order instead of redirecting them to an external payment platform.

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