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Shopify products: What can I sell in my store?

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Shopify products: What can I sell in my store?

Knowing which Shopify products to sell is really critical to the success of your online business. How do I find winning products? Where can I find Shopify products? What products can you sell on Shopify? In this article, learn about the Shopify products you can sell on your e-commerce store in order to make the most of the sales.

Shopify: What is it?

Shopify Products – What is Shopify
Shopify Products – What is Shopify

First of all, know that Shopify is an online sales platform that allows you to create and manage an online store. Once created, you can grow your store by selling, shipping, and promoting your products. On Shopify, you have the option to sell virtually any physical product. You can also sell digital products such as PDFs, videos, trainings, etc. With apps, Shopify can adapt to this perfectly. So, you can easily add products to Shopify as soon as it fits a niche you’re interested in.

How do I find your Shopify products?

Shopify Products – Find Your Products

To find your Shopify products, figure out what you want to sell. It is important to study the market every time no matter what happens in order to determine what you want to sell. You will also know in this way what are the opportunities of the moment to seize. For example, on Google Trends, you can search for a trendy product. Depending on the period and the product you are looking for, you may make a lot of sales. This tool allows you not to risk selling less by choosing products that do not correspond to a given period. It may be that the chosen product is good, but does not meet current market expectations. Also, depending on the country, you could have different requests for the same product.

It should be noted that this tool will be more useful to you if you already have ideas. You will only have to enter your search words to see the trendy products. Otherwise, you will find on the site products that arouse the most interest in order to get an idea. By doing this, you will have ideas to ask yourself.

Apart from this method, you can also decide to go to the website of a provider, the best known being Aliexpress. However, there are now much better providers that you can access. Thus, you can choose to position yourself on the market of the products that interest you. The most important thing is that you analyze the market. You might find a good product, but don’t get into a period when the market isn’t willing.

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What Shopify products to sell?

Shopify Products – Products You Can Sell

On Shopify, you can sell dropshipping products or e-commerce products. If you want to sell products in dropshipping, you need to have a supplier. So, as soon as someone buys a product from your store, you will contact your supplier so that they can ship the product directly to the customer. At this time, you can pay the provider.

Know that you also have the opportunity to sell products in e-commerce with stock that you have at home. You can also have these products in storage at Amazon or another stockist. Now, let’s see the products you can sell on Shopify.

Sell a custom product on Shopify

If you’re wondering which Shopify products to sell, consider marketing a custom product. This allows you to have fewer competitors, as you offer something quite unique. In addition, many customers are willing to have something unique. Therefore, they are willing to spend money on a product that is customized. For this, you can do POD (print on demand) to deliver your products. You can print and ship on demand, custom clothing in your brand name, caps, phone cases, protective masks, engraved jewelry, etc. They are trendy products that you can sell on Shopify.

Shopify Products in Care and Beauty

Many people pay special attention to their appearance and more specifically women. So they are willing to spend money on these kinds of products. Since there are too many issues to solve in this area, there are always high demands. If you’re looking to sell a winner on Shopify, you can look at laser hair removal products, lingerie, sheathed underwear, false eyelashes, false nails, shoes, etc.

Shopify Products in the Kitchen

Cooking remains a profitable field, as it interests many people who make it a passion. On your online store, you can sell either kitchen utensils or food. For example, if you don’t have any ideas, on Google Trends you can find trendy products. For example, the Rāmen market is growing. So you can sell and import rāmen and why not, all the kitchen utensils that allow you to cook rāmen.

By the way, you even have the option to sell courses and recipes for Rāmen in PDF form. There are also kitchen utensils such as vegetable cutters, the product for thawing steak which is a trendy Shopify product, pastry utensils, etc. Just find a good marketing strategy and carry out your campaign.

Shopify Products in High Tech

High-tech products can also be opportunities to increase your sales. As an example, you can sell home gym equipment, smartwatches, neck phone holders, and more on Shopify. You can also consider selling technology-friendly sportswear or connected sports bands, solar batteries, external batteries or smartphone lenses, wireless headphones, WiFi surveillance cameras, or even content creation tools.

Shopify Products in Wellness

Well-being is priceless for many people. When you know how to choose your target, you can make a great profit by positioning yourself in this market. For example, in terms of well-being, there is a demand at the level of young people, but also at the level of seniors. When you know how to position yourself on the interests of the elderly (perhaps between 40 and 70 years old), it can bring you product sales.

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In reality, with age, many health-related problems arise. So, if you manage to offer effective products, these people will simply offer them. As an example, you can sell anti-snoring products, posture correctors, patellar knee pads, support belts, or even shoulder/back massagers. In winter, you can also offer electric heating pads for the feet, and even outside winter, this is a product that may interest seniors.

Sell trendy products

There are products that have a trendy effect, but have high potential. For example, you can position yourself on trending events that you can take advantage of. It can be Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday, Pride Month in June, etc. These kinds of events influence buyer behavior. On these occasions, you can offer several products for sale on Shopify: watches, clothes, paintings, perfumes, soft toys, children’s figurines, etc.

The seasons (summer, winter, spring) are also opportunities to sell products such as surfboards, swimsuits for women and men, sunglasses, fishing accessories, etc. There are also certain events that occur in the political news and that you can exploit to make a maximum of sales. For example, in the United States, there is a severe clash between the Republican Party and the Democrats. Everyone therefore seeks to identify with his party by all means. If you are interested, you can offer products related to this as some sites already do: soft toys, caps, T-shirts, etc. It’s not just a Shopify 2019 product. Just do a good marketing. You do not necessarily need to position yourself in this niche. You can just take inspiration from it.

Shopify Products for Maternity

Reconciling professional or daily life with that of parents is not always an easy task. Many moms need a helping hand to take good care of their babies. So there is a demand in this market. For this purpose, you can offer the baby carrier, the maternity bag, the electric breast pump, the practical forehead thermometer to take the temperature of a baby or child, the bra dedicated to breastfeeding, and if possible the baby sleeping bag.

Shopify Products for Weight Loss

Products to lose weight, build muscle, improve appearance or others are most of the time winning products. So you can put online on your store trendy products to lose weight, because they are very often requested on the market. You can also opt for the sale of muscle stimulators that allow you to lose weight. This is a product that is in high demand.

How do I import products to Shopify?

To import your products to Shopify, there are extensions and apps that make it easy. These tools include Oberlo, Importify and Dropified. These apps can be downloaded directly from the Shopify App Store. Once that’s done, you install the extension of your choice on your Shopify dashboard.

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Oberlo is one of the most well-known applications to import your products especially if you do it from AliExpress. Once you have found the products you want to import, just click on the Oberlo icon. Now you will go to AliExpress or the site from which you want to import the products. It is important to remember that you need to sort your selected products by number of orders. After that, you enter the relevant product page and copy its URL.

Then you go back to Orbelo, and you click on “Search Products”, i.e. search for a product. Once this is done, you will find an indication “Import Porduct by URL or ID”. At this step, you will paste the link of the product you previously copied and click on “Import”. After that, you will go to “Import List”, your import list. This will see your product installed on your Oberlo app.

At this level, you have the option to change the name and make the description of the product. This is recommended. Oberlo also gives the possibility to change prices, variants, colors, etc. When you’ve done everything right, you can now go back to your Shopify dashboard and click on “Products”. You will see that your product has been added.

Importify and Dropified

Importify and Dropified are also very useful tools for importing your products. On the one hand, Importify allows you to automatically fulfill your orders, automate pricing, synchronize tracking identification, and even customize your products. Importify is also flexible on several platforms that allow the import of products. It is thus compatible with Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba to name but a few. In addition, Importify costs less and is perfect for merchants with a store with suppliers from different platforms.

On the other hand, there is Dropified which has several features to automate and import your products. Some of the features offered by Dropified include changing products in your Shopify store, automatic order tracking, order fulfillment, switching suppliers, adding or quickly switching suppliers in case of stock shortages, customizing your order options, and more. Apart from these apps, there are also other tools for you to import your products such as Productpro, Modalyst, Alidropship, Nimble, Spocket, etc.

In short

Remember that the most important thing is not always to know which Shopify products to sell, but rather the market that is asking for them. Ask yourself what problems you can solve. For this, you can use tools like Seller Pulse, Ecom Hunt, Adspy, Ecomlad, which will allow you to have data as well as ideas.

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