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Shopify Review: Is Shopify Reliable During Peak Traffic?

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Shopify Review: Is Shopify Reliable During Peak Traffic?

Shopify is a platform used by merchants around the world to sell their products online. There are also many beginners who choose this CMS to start in the world of e-commerce. Although it is highly appreciated by e-merchants, it must be said that Shopify opinions remain diversified. Given the fact that people invest their money, time and energy in it, it is normal that they are worried about possible risks of piracy. To reassure people who are hesitant to get started, there are applications as well as Shopify groups on which they can obtain opinions on Shopify. Learn all about Shopify’s reliability and security during peak traffic. 

What is Shopify?

Shopify Reviews – About This CMS
Shopify Reviews – About This CMS

Shopify is a CMS that allows you to create and manage online stores. Each user can create their e-commerce site using this platform.

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The basic features of Shopify are very numerous. Here are a few.

  • Reliable and secure hosting for your website ;
  • Original and modern themes for personalizing your ic shop;
  • Tools to manage sales, payment and inventory of your products ;
  • An infinite possibility of domain names ;
  • The statistical follow-up of your turnover and the traffic of your shop .

Shopify Reviews: The Benefits

If the number of Shopify users is increasing every day, it is because this platform offers considerable advantages.

Its ease of use

First, anyone can create and manage a Shopify store, without much programming knowledge or skill. Indeed, the platform is designed to allow e-commerce beginners to easily create and configure their Shopify stores in less than an hour.

Customer support available at all times

It often happens that users of this CMS find themselves faced with difficulties. In these cases, they can use Shopify customer support, which can be reached at any time. He can be contacted by messaging, chat, email or phone. Plus, with the Shopify Partner Academy, beginners can receive training that will help them master the basics and features of Shopify.

Secure hosting for your site

Shopify provides its users with secure and reliable hosting. No need to search for a server for your merchant site.

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Shopify thinks of everyone

Shopify is not only available in English and French. The store and the back-office are also available in many other languages ​​to give users from other countries the chance to take advantage of them. The possibility is therefore offered to them to open up internationally, because they can create multi-language shops .

Good visibility for your store

Since the platform is available in several countries, if you do not skimp on optimizing your store, it will be visible in all countries of the world. Mastering SEO is therefore important.

Clear statistics

Shopify gives its users clear statistics of their turnover (customers who have visited your store and many more). This allows E-merchants to see their results, set new goals and define effective marketing strategies.

Shopify review: The shortcomings

It is true that Shopify provides its users with thousands of themes to personalize their online stores. However, these themes are not suitable for all users. Those who wish to modify them must necessarily understand the special coding of Shopify. Called LIQUID , it is only available on the Shopify CMS. In order to help those who want to master this code, Shopify has set up a platform specially intended for this. Only concern: it is entirely available in English.

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This does not benefit francophones who do not understand the English language. Also, it happens that the customer support made available to e-merchants is saturated. Apart from that, some companies that need special features for running their business often have to pay for add-ons that can be quite expensive for them.

What is a traffic spike and how does it affect Shopify?

Shopify Review – Security in case of peak traffic
Shopify Review – Security in case of peak traffic

We talk about peak traffic when a large number of Internet users visit the same site at the same time. Having good traffic on your e-commerce site is a good thing. However, when this traffic reaches a high level, it can create a blockage at this site. Fortunately, with Shopify users run no risk of blocking. Because Shopify has this in mind in its design, traffic spikes have no negative impact on stores according to several Shopify reviews.

Shopify Security

Shopify is a platform that cares about the security of its users’ sites. This is a feature that is appreciated according to the French Shopify reviews. This is because users run no risk of their Shopify account being hacked. As a well-informed platform, the latter first warns its users of the need to choose a personal and secure password. Since no company is immune to hacking, users must be very careful and their passwords must be chosen with care.

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Also, Shopify also informs its users of the different phishing techniques used by malicious people. It ensures the security of stores, first by securing the data that is to its credit and also by raising awareness among users so that intruders do not access their data to divert their transactions . E-merchants therefore have nothing to fear with Shopify as long as they use caution. Like the many Shopify reviews, we can say that this platform is reliable and very secure. On these points, it has a plus compared to other content managers.

Les applications de Shopify

The Shopify App Store provides site administrators with over 500 apps. The objective is to help them optimize the potential of their merchant sites. Whatever functionality you want, there’s probably an app designed by Shopify to satisfy you. Among these, we find the Shopify customer review application which allows you to put your customers’ shopify reviews in order to attract new customers. With Shopify reviews app like Loox , you will know the strategies you need to adopt to retain your customers. Some Shopify apps are available for free, while others are paid. They are, however, highly valued when considering Shopify reviews from users.

Shopify exchange review: What is it?

Shopify Reviews – The Shopify Exchange Platform
Shopify Reviews – The Shopify Exchange Platform

Want to buy a Shopify store that’s already on the market? Want to sell your Shopify store for personal reasons? Thanks to the Shopify exchange platform, this will be possible. Indeed, Shopify exchange allows to sell and buy online stores. The CMS ensures that transfers are made honestly. Indeed, it could be that dishonest people try to fake the data of their shop to be able to sell them more expensive.

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Since Shopify places great importance on the security of its platform, it ensures that the data of the shops offered for sale is accurate. Shopify therefore gives its verified opinion to authorize the sale. Buyers are informed about the turnover and traffic of the sites offered to them. There are all types of sites on the platform. Both small and large shops can be put up for sale. Selling prices vary depending on the size or turnover of these sites (from a few tens of dollars to millions of dollars ).

Shopify review 2020: What are the predictions?

Shopify is not just the name of the CMS used by thousands of people to create their website. It is also the name of the action put on the market by the managers of the platform. The Shopify stock market review is indeed very promising, considering everyone who uses this CMS these days.

How much does a Shopify subscription cost?

Shopify is not a free CMS. This is understandable with all the trouble he takes to offer maximum satisfaction to his customers. On top of that, the various tools they put at their disposal are very effective. Shopify’s pricing is twofold. First, there are the fixed tariffs from which you can choose. These are users’ monthly subscriptions to the platform. These rates range from $29 to $299. It all depends on the formula you choose. According to Shopify customer reviews, the platform offers very affordable prices.

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Next, second-order rates represent the levies Shopify makes on the sales generated by its users. It’s just a small percentage that won’t cost you much if you make a few sales per month. However, if you have a large turnover, you may not be happy. Nevertheless, to see the many tools and functionalities that the CMS puts at your disposal, the direct debits are not so expensive.

Shopify Lite review: What is it?

Shopify Lite is the cheapest option for doing online business on Shopify. To access it, you need to subscribe to a $9 plan. Given the price, it is obvious that the user will not be able to fully enjoy the many features offered by Shopify. However, it has at its disposal several very interesting possibilities.

It is true that Shopify lite does not allow users to create an independent website. On top of that, it doesn’t offer customer support over the phone. Customer service is available via chat and email. In addition, this option of Shopify allows administrators of websites and blogs to integrate e-commerce. It also allows you to sell products on the Shopify interface and share them on social networks. These products can be sold directly on Facebook.

Even selling digital products is possible with Shopify lite. In addition to this, users can take inventory, take care of their stocks and manage payments. This is the ideal offer for beginners who want to get started on Shopify, but who do not have a very large starting budget. The fact that it is very accessible in terms of tariff does not mean that it cannot help users to achieve good turnovers. They just have access to fewer features than those offered by classic subscriptions.

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Given Shopify reviews, is this really the platform for you?

The positives about Shopify are numerous. They actually outweigh negative Shopify reviews. To the question of whether it is the ideal platform for doing e-commerce, the answer is yes. Do not hesitate to choose Shopify to create your site and start selling online. It is true that this CMS has shortcomings and it is not perfect.

However, the creators of the platform go to great lengths to satisfy e-merchants. First, they have made several tools available to them to make their task easier. Then, they have customer supports available 24/7 to address their various concerns, all for the utmost customer satisfaction. On top of that, they are working tirelessly to improve the functionality of the platform. In terms of security, the CMS is very reliable.

The good thing about using Shopify is that you can find members of the great Shopify community to exchange advice and share experiences. We are talking about the possibility of interaction with thousands of users. The latter are present in Facebook groups, Instagram or even on websites. Shopify is a very organized network that anticipates possible problems that may arise, and seeks appropriate solutions to deal with them.

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