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Shopify Review: Which Platform is Better Between Shopify and WiziShop?

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Shopify Review

Are you trying to get a Shopify review to decide between Shopify or WiziShop because you don’t know the best platform for your e-commerce site? If Shopify is reputed to be the e-commerce solution, it is not the only option. WiziShop is a fierce competitor to Shopify. So which is the best platform out of the two? In this article, we will do a detailed comparison between Shopify and WiziShop to find out which is the better choice. For this, we will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. After that, we hope you will be able to decide which is the best platform for your needs.

Shopify review: The two e-commerce platforms Shopify and WiziShop

Shopify review – The two competitive platforms Shopify and WiziShop
Shopify review – The two competitive platforms Shopify and WiziShop

Before you start giving a Shopify review or a WiziShop review, it helps to know each platform.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create your online store and develop your business. It offers essential and necessary e-commerce tools to enable companies or individuals to start and grow their online business. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader, Shopify makes it easy to get started with your e-commerce business.


WiziShop is a “made in France” e-commerce platform with which you can create your own professional shop. It allows e-merchants to sell their products online and offers a method of remuneration that differs from what is done most of the time. Constituting a 100% French e-commerce solution, WiziShop offers its users a very simple system to create and develop their business. Providing a truly comprehensive package to merchants, WiziShop positions itself as a true competitor to Shopify.

Shopify review: Comparison of WiziShop and Shopify

Shopify review – Comparison WiziShop and Shopify
Shopify review – Comparison WiziShop and Shopify

Here we have taken into account some elements in order to be able to analyze the offers that each solution offers. At the end of each analysis, we will try to give our Shopify opinion.

Ease of use

The ease of use of Shopify appeals to many beginners or professionals in e-commerce. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspect. Shopify has very helpful and well-designed beginner’s guides, as well as extensive documentation. Its administration interface is clear, intuitive and very accessible.

For its part, WiziShop also allows you to launch your e-commerce site even without having advanced technical skills. For a beginner, creating a WiziShop store is relatively simple and quick. It offers an ergonomic and accessible interface. There are no major difficulties to encounter when adapting your shop.

So we see that Shopify and WiziShop are easy and very easy to use. For long-term use, the advantage still goes to Shopify, which offers an extensive library of applications allowing you to be more independent in adding functionality to your store. This is our Shopify review.

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Themes and Templates

Shopify offers many themes and its templates are modern and very responsive. These themes and templates conform to tablets and smartphones. Some themes offered by Shopify are free and some are paid. Free themes look great and are great ways to grow on Shopify. However, with paid ones, you get more advanced and easily customizable features. In addition, each of these themes are divided into several versions for more choices. It will therefore be necessary to plan an additional cost for the personalization of its shop.

As for WiziShop, it also offers absolutely customizable shop themes. This allows you to have an e-commerce store with a truly professional design. Even though WiziShop’s themes are customizable and responsive, responsive design isn’t something to focus on too much. It should be added that WiziShop offers 25 free themes, unlike Shopify which only offers about ten. WiziShop does not therefore have a theme store where you can buy additional templates. Which makes the customization of its store a bit limited, since you can’t buy new themes.

WiziShop does not then allow you to be independent on this point, because you will have to limit yourself to the themes offered. Which can sometimes be disappointing. On the other hand, Shopify offers many themes in several styles, all of which can be accessed through the Shopify template store.


With Shopify’s 14-day free plan, you have time to build your store and test out the many features it offers. Presentation and combinations of products, recovery of abandoned carts, article references are some basic features at Shopify. It even offers the Customer Reviews feature that allows your buyers to leave reviews and ratings through an app available on the Shopify App Store.

WiziShop offers interesting and fairly complete native features to start creating an e-commerce site, but also to optimize the performance of your store. You benefit from more than 380 features already included with WiziShop. It must be said that Shopify offers far fewer features included than WiziShop. However, it is possible to add modules to customize your store, while obviously paying to have the desired features.

In addition, Shopify includes a highly optimized mobile Shopify version, which is not the case with WiziShop. Yes, it offers a mobile version of the store in AMP format, but it is not as good as Shopify’s. In addition to this, Shopify offers to synchronize its Facebook store. All products can be automatically added to the Facebook Shop where people can actually shop. A feature that WiziShop does not yet have.

Anyway, we notice that WiziShop works more on an all-in-one system, ie everything is already integrated. So there is no need to incur any additional cost to get additional apps and modules. While on its side, Shopify leaves more choices for customization. Therefore, it offers more possibilities than WiziShop.


Through the Shopify App Store, you have access to over 3,700 apps. This allows you to have several features on your tablet. Therefore, you have more choices. It is true that some are free and others pay. However, they can help you create your products, manage marketing, communication, etc. At WiziShop, there is no application library. There are only integrated native features which are very interesting to get started and have a pro shop.

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Means of payment

Shopify offers hundreds of payment gateways for you to accept payments from around the world. These include Stripe, Paypal, Amazon Pay, etc. The transaction fees charged vary depending on the plan you have chosen. It will obviously be necessary to add to these costs those imposed by third-party gateways. The only way to eliminate Shopify fees is to use the Shopify Payments solution. Unfortunately, this option is not currently available for France. WiziShop, on the other hand, integrates more than 30 payment gateways: Paypal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, PayPlug, etc. Transaction fees range from 0.5-2% depending on your plan.

Shopify Review : Dropshipping

Dropshipping is quite possible with Shopify, but you will have to go through the Oberlo application . The basic version of Shopify’s Oberlo app, which by the way is free, makes things easier. It offers an extension that allows products to be directly imported from AliExpress and many other vendors into its store. You can easily sell your products or services without complications. However, there will be an additional charge for using Oberlo. Fees that are in addition to those of your Shopify plan.

On the WiziShop side, Dropizi is the dropshipping tool integrated directly and free of charge with AliExpress or BigBuy. So you don’t need to worry about selling easily in dropshipping, because everything is already configured.

Multilingual shop

At Shopify, this functionality is only pre-configured on the payment page. To have a store in several languages, it will then be necessary to use a third-party application and use a compatible theme. The applications available (Langify for example) can be expensive and in terms of functionality some may be limited.

At WiziShop, it is possible to have its shop in several languages, itself being by default in French. It is therefore possible to have it in 6 other languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. To do this, you will have to create another store, link it to the existing one and import the products there. After that, your stock will automatically sync. It should be noted that this feature is only available in the Pro plan.

Shopify review: Pricing

Here are the prices offered by each platform.

Shopify prix

When you’re first starting out, Shopify gives you a two-week free trial. At the end of this period, to continue using it, you will need to subscribe to one of its paid plans. All payments for these plans are in US dollars. Here are the three plans that Shopify offers:

  • Basic Shopify: you will need between $26 and $29/month. This plan allows you to create and sell an unlimited number of products and categories. Shopify will charge you a 2% transaction fee.
  • Shopify: you will need to plan between $71 and $79/month. In addition to the previous functions, this plan offers more e-commerce functions. It allows to create discount codes, performance reports, recover abandoned carts and offer gift cards. Transaction fee charged at 1%.
  • Advanced Shopify: plan between $266 and $299/month. This plan is useful for large businesses. It allows you to benefit from advanced reports and automatically calculate the delivery costs of your external suppliers. Transaction fees are charged at 0.5%.
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It should be clarified that all three Shopify plans include hosting and an SSL certificate for the security of your store. Additionally, Shopify offers two additional plans. The first is the lite plan and costs $9/month. This offer allows you to sell only on Facebook. The second is the business offer. It can cost $2,000/month, but the price can change based on business needs.

WiziShop price

WiziShop offers three packages. In particular, there is the plan:

  • Standard which costs €27/month
  • Pro which is at 77 €/month
  • Advanced which amounts to 297 €/month

We note at this level that the solution offered by WiziShop seems more accessible than the prices of Shopify. However, WiziShop also deducts a percentage of the turnover generated by your store. This percentage is 2% and can become substantial if your turnover increases. Similarly, the plans offered by Shopify allow each seller to find what suits them according to their needs.

Support client

Shopify offers good customer support. If you encounter any difficulty, Shopify provides assistance through forums, by email, by phone or by chat. This support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also join the Shopify community with which you will not feel alone. There’s also the Shopify Partner Academy, a training program for Shopify Partners to help them run their business.

WiziShop has the advantage of first offering assistance in French. Whether it’s by phone or chat, there’s always someone you can talk to during the week if you’re having a hard time. In addition, you have access to a fairly responsive technical team, and an FAQ to provide you with certain answers. Besides that, you have a Business Coach at your service to help you develop your sales if you encounter difficulties.

Shopify review: What to choose between Shopify and WiziShop?

Shopify review – What to choose between Shopify and WiziShop
Shopify review – What to choose between Shopify and WiziShop

WiziShop is a strong competitor against Shopify, even if the two solutions have many similar offers. Besides its advantage of being in French, WiziShop is a perfect alternative to Shopify. For a beginner wishing to take their first steps in e-commerce, WiziShop could be quite suitable, especially with its all-in-one solution. However, the newbie will find himself limited as soon as his shop starts to grow and the turnover increases. Its all-inclusive side will also be a hindrance, because the user will not be able to personalize his shop.

As far as Shopify is concerned, it is an exceptional platform for e-commerce. Able to perfectly adapt to all sellers, e-merchants wishing to grow their business can obtain an offer at their convenience. So if you want more freedom in your business, more performance, and more comprehensive offerings, you should consider using Shopify. This is our Shopify review.

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