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Shopify site: How to remove the password and put it online?

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Shopify site: How to remove the password and put it online?

The Shopify site is the best in terms of online e-commerce store. This justifies the constantly growing number of users of this software as a service (SaaS). Indeed, the service it offers is of a wide variety of range. E-merchants appreciate the site for several reasons. Unlike many CMSs, Shopify is a cloud-based site, so there’s no need to install hardware on your own computer before setting up a store. Then, the ease of handling and customizing seduces more than one. After site selection and subsequent work, getting your Shopify site live is the final step to starting business .. How is this put online? How do you remove the password from your Shopify site? Here are the answers.

Password page on Shopify: What is it for?

Shopify site – What is the password page for?
Shopify site – What is the password page for?

Before getting to how to remove the password from a Shopify site to put it online, we will first explore it in a few lines.

Shopify website password protection

Indeed, it is true that it seems a bit strange to protect the home page of a site that is intended for the public. Especially when you know that it is a commercial site and the objective is to have traffic in the store.

In reality, the situations that explain this restriction are diverse. First, everything is sold online today. However, some products are not intended for the general public because of their importance or the damage they are likely to cause to a certain target. To control the visitors and buyers of the site, the password page is the ideal solution.

Sometimes password protection of a Shopify site comes as part of a reliability test of the online store before it is published.

In this case, you as the owner of the shop have the possibility of carrying out a test via selected customers or relatives. For this purpose, the Shopify site password is shared with the latter, who alone can have access to the content of the site.

For the rest, search engines will find the site via its password page that Internet users could see without being able to access the content. This page also has another advantage. It allows you to judge the quality of the optimization of your Shopify store before it goes live. This will then allow you to get an idea of ​​the traffic that there will be.

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How to put a password page on the Shopify site?

The process of adding a Shopify site protection page is very simple. Already, if Shopify is a very popular solution among SaaS software, it is thanks to its simplicity. Also, access to the shop will allow you to get there.

First, please choose the Online Store section in the administration interface of your site. When you are there, extend your navigation in the “Preferences” pane. This is the first of five steps that will result in the password page for your site.

Next, this Preferences section contains several commands. Among these, you must enter the section called “Password protection” to be able to activate it. It is therefore a question of checking the box which precedes the mention activate the password.

The next step is to determine the password that all clients will now provide. In reality, there are a few safety rules. Generally, a secure password should contain numbers and letters. In this case upper and lower case letters. The number of characters must be at least 8. Then, the password must also contain punctuation marks for a better level of security.

However, it may need to look simpler for a Shopify site page. In fact, it will make it easier for customers to access it. Also, the protected page of the site does not touch your administrator interface. So there is no fear in choosing an easy password.

In addition, avoid choosing a password close to that of your site administration password. But never the same for both.

Shopify then prompts you to enter a message for the protection page. Do it and save. Otherwise, save without message.

How to remove password from Shopify website?

Shopify Site – Easy Way to Remove Site Page Password
Shopify Site – Easy Way to Remove Site Page Password

The deletion of the password on the site occurs when the site owner wishes. Generally, it is at the end of the tests or when the other underlying reasons disappear. Also, removing the password will cause the Shopify site to go live generally.

It will therefore now be visible to all Internet users without exception. Additionally, the product page as well as all other public site settings will be visible. As for the process to get there, the starting path is the track to get there.

First, you must once again access the administration page of your site. Then you can choose the “Preferences” section of your online store.

Second, remember that in this section you enabled password protection. It will therefore suffice to deactivate it this time by unchecking the box. Then save the new changes.

What are the possible modifications for a password page?

The Shopify site protection page does have a section. We can also mention the header, the footer, the theme and the message on the page.

Changing the theme on the Shopify site

  1. From the Shopify site admin, go to the Online Store section and click the Themes command  ;
  2. Then search for the theme that suits your aspirations and then click on the customize command;
  3. A drop-down menu is located above the page, open it;
  4. Then you will see the password part (or Password page if the site is in English). Indeed, it is important to know that this page only appears when the password is already added. Otherwise, it will have to be done.
  5. Finally, complete the process with saving everything you have done from the “save” button.
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Changes to other sections of the Shopify Site Protection page

Apart from themes, it is possible to modify other parameters of your page. Plus, a really simple process will get you there every time in just three steps.

  1. So start by clicking on the section of the page you want to modify;
  2. Then, make any changes you want to the section. The various buttons will help you with this. As in the case of the aforementioned changes, access to the settings goes through the online store section and the Preferences command.
  3. Finally, always save the changes by clicking on Save.

Shopify Site: Password Changes

To achieve this, we will follow the same process as when creating the password. However, there will be a slight change. In the protection area, you can change your password. Then the save will apply the change.

What is the relationship between billing and password removal from the Shopify site?

Also, shopify is an online site that offers services against a price plan. The pricing plans come in various optional packages for the online store promoters.

However, the services start from a free trial period . If adding your password is during the trial period, great. However, you will not be able to remove the protection interface before switching to the billing plan on the site.

What are the Shopify site billing plans?

In terms of billing, Shopify does offer different ranges. There are monthly rates, and others, other rates like billing fees and credit card rates. Of course, the offers are available in US dollars. It doesn’t matter if you are in the US or not.

Monthly price

This formula, which consists of paying for the services of the site on a monthly basis, is very popular for users. The Shopify monthly rate depends on the nature of the services included. There is indeed a fixed amount that corresponds to each formula of the monthly rate. The Shopify site thus offers the monthly rate in three formulas.

La Basic Shopify

This formula is the most basic offer of site billing. It includes all the parameters to have a site that meets the minimum conditions for a good e-commerce experience. This formula is available for $29. It perfectly meets the needs of beginners.

Shopify Monthly Deal

This is the average monthly rate for the site’s billing plan. The monthly plan Shopify offers more services compared to the basic plan. With broader parameters and more varied services, the Shopify offer at 79 dollars corresponds to a store of a good standing.

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La formule Advanced Shopify

This monthly rate corresponds to a VIP rate plan. The services it includes support a whole range of comprehensive features. Compared to other tariffs, the Advanced Shopify formula allows you to obtain a high-end store. It is accessible at 299 dollars every month.

Also, all pricing plans are associated with a billing cycle. The cycle is relative to the number of years, and, from one to three years, each cycle entitles you to advantages (reductions on subscriptions).

Shopify Site: Credit Card Rates

Payments by credit card are possible on Shopify apart from the means of payment specific to the site. Indeed, it is a small sum that the site receives to not only allow transactions, but also to secure them.

Shopify Payments

Shopify website – A secure payment system
Shopify website – A secure payment system

As discussed above, Shopify has implemented its own payment method. This system is automatically integrated into the checkout of each merchant or online store promoter. It has a lot of strengths. They can be listed as follows:

  • Online Store Promoters Thanks to Shopify Payments, online store owners do without additional fees like credit cards.
  • With other means of payment, customers necessarily leave the sales page to be able to fill in their information. With the own payment system, this is no longer the case.
  • Setting up the payment system is easy. Indeed, from the admin interface of the store. A connection to another website on this subject is not necessary.
  • As the store promoter, the Shopify Payments builds a sales chart to show the total sales.
  • Finally, the last advantage is that Shopify Payments allows configuration with other payment methods. The case of credit cards, MasterCards. You can therefore configure new payment methods as desired.


All in all, the Shopify site provides a variety of features that allow for good management. Also, this software as a service helps to have a good configuration. This is possible thanks to the many themes, the multiplicity of features that allow you to customize the entire site. first of all, the ease of use of the site is the most attractive means for online store promoters. In this, beginners greatly appreciate it.

But above all, it’s the mechanics that make it possible to test the shop extensively that attracts. not only can test orders be made, but payments can also be tested. Then, protection by the password system makes it possible to analyze certain parameters such as positioning on the motors before going online. This protection can be withdrawn at any time.

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