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Shopify subscription: How do I cancel or disable shopify?

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Shopify subscription: How do I cancel or disable shopify?

If you want to pause your shopify store or delete it and then create a new one, you will have to stop or cancel the shopify subscription. To do this, there are different solutions to stop the subscription on shopify. It will only be part of your delivery before your next online store!

Some parameters to take into account before thinking about closing your shopify account

Shopify subscription – No refund of your subscription in case of account deletion
Shopify subscription – No refund of your subscription in case of account deletion

Shopify online stores are very secure. They are protected by the platform’s privacy store and it will therefore be difficult for your account to be stolen. In order to protect you (and your shop), the platform has put in place several measures that make closing an account a little complicated. Thus, before you proceed to close your account, you must be informed of a few small details.

Shopify won’t refund your subscription

You pay a certain amount to create a store on shopify. If you decide to close this store, the platform will not pay you for your Shopify subscription. Indeed, this has been clearly specified in its policy on terms of service. So it’s important that you read the terms of service policy carefully before committing to building a store on shopify. However, you may not be charged under certain conditions. Shopify offers a trial period. During this free trial period, you will not be required to have your credit card. If during this period you decide to cancel your Shopify subscription, you won’t be charged. You will then be able to cancel your shopify subscription without paying any amount.

Pay all fees before you delete your shopify subscription

We said earlier that you will have to pay some fees for your store on shopify. If you decide to close this shop, it will be important to release the unpaid. You’ll need to make sure to pay off any outstanding fees before proceeding with your subscription cancellation on shopify. If necessary, you can easily close your shop.

Terminate third-party apps and tools

In order to properly manage a store on shopify, you will use several other applications or tools. Most of these apps or tools are usually paid. When you cancel your subscription on Shopify, you should also make sure to terminate these apps and tools. Specifically, you must uninstall them in order to avoid paying any new invoice later. If you don’t, the apps and tools will continue to work and your card will still be charged recurring fees while you no longer use them.

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However, if you have monthly subscriptions for apps with a subscription fee, you’ll need to wait a bit before closing your Shopify store. This is because you pay to use these apps for 30 days. So you’ll be able to wait for your subscription to expire before closing your Shopify store. This way you will not waste your investment.

Also, when you make a cheaper subscription, shopify will offer you app credits. These will only be used to purchase applications and tools. So, if you don’t wait for the subscription to expire before closing your store on shopify, you won’t get any refunds for the rest of the subscription period that you haven’t completed.

As for applications and tools that have been installed manually, you will need to cancel the subscription you made directly with third-party providers. Deleting your Shopify store does not imply termination of these contracts signed with third parties. You will have to do it yourself directly.

Transfer your custom domains

It’s possible that you have a custom domain name for your Shopify store. In this case, you must make certain arrangements before closing your shop. First, it is possible that you have connected a third-party domain through the “connect domain” option. In this situation, you’ll need to remove the connected domain from your Shopify domain list. Next, you’ll need to change all the DNS settings at your domain registrar.

Second, you may have transferred your custom domain to shopify or simply purchased a domain through shopify. In this situation, you will need to change your domain registrar or change your hosting platform. Indeed, you will have to transfer the management of the domain to another registrar or simply to another host.

After that, you will be able to proceed with the outright deletion of your account or its suspension.

Pause and pause my shopify subscription without deleting my store

Shopify Subscription – Suspend your store in settings
Shopify Subscription – Suspend your store in settings

Do you want to take a break with your shop and don’t want to delete it completely and take it back later? It’s a funny idea, but why not! You can completely suspend your shopify subscription to leave your store and not lose the data, but you won’t be able to change anything anymore. By doing this, you will have a reduced rate. This is a new subscription that will allow you to spend less and keep your store on standby. You can then resume your old subscription at any time to relaunch your store. To do this, go to the settings of the administrator interface, then click on account and scroll down to the bottom. Then, click suspend your shopify store (pause it).

How do I activate my Shopify subscription again?

Suspending and pausing your subscription is relatively simple. This is a good solution if you want to take a step back or if you want to put new things in place before devoting yourself to dropshipping. If you’re ready, you can come back and simply reactivate your account. All you have to do is access the admin interface. You will need to disable the “pause” option or the “pause and build” option. After that, you will be able to recover your shopify account and resume the course of your life.

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In addition, it is also possible to simply put your store to sleep (“pause and build” option). If you put it to sleep, you can still continue to work on it. It will be just as if your shop was simply under maintenance. The “pause and build” option will allow you to perform a few tasks. These include:

  • Access to shopify’s admin interface;
  • Access to basic reports on your store’s performance;
  • display of the shop on the Internet;
  • And finally, it will allow you to accept manual payments through preliminary orders.

This option is very convenient especially since when you want to reopen it, it will not be complicated at all. Nevertheless, you will pay 9 dollars. Also, you will no longer be able to make a sale. This is because customers can continue to see your products, but they won’t be able to make a purchase. Several other actions will not be able to be performed on the store as well (abandoned cart recovery, third-party integrations and others).

If all of this isn’t part of your plans and you just want to move on or open another Shopify store later, you just have to delete it.

Permanently delete my store and stop dropshipping

Shopify subscription – Permanently delete your store
Shopify subscription – Permanently delete your store

If you want to permanently delete your shopify store and end the subscription of the store and its applications that come from the App Store of shopify, you must click on “close store” so close the store. Be careful, if you do this, you will delete all the information from your store and it will no longer be recoverable. I advise you:

  • Back up your customer base and verify that you have fulfilled all orders and captured all payments, be in good standing.
  • Save all invoices.
  • Transfer your shopify domain name to retrieve and resell when needed.
  • Keep a screenshot of the data to help you improve. This will allow you to remember your successes and failures.

Once you’re ready, you can delete your Shopify store and get started creating a new one online.

How do I stop subscribing to shopify apps?

It all depends on your option. Have you used an internal app at the shopify store app or have you installed an external app. If the latter activates its services outside shopify, (which is rather complicated), here is what I recommend you do:

  • Note the shopify apps you’ve installed.
  • Remove all Shopify apps from your store manually.
  • Close your blind.
  • Then log in to the interface of each application if an external connection is possible and check if your account has been cancelled or your subscription is suspended.

If you use an application external to the Shopify App Store, you will certainly have to go through the application’s site to cancel the subscription! Otherwise, the simple deletion should make it possible to suspend the subscription. If your store has value, remember that you can sell your Shopify store.

Never forget, we’ve all had failures, you have to get an experience out of them. We all failed at the beginning, it is very rare to succeed at the beginning even if we were very well trained (because yes, I myself had coaches and trainings, I was told “don’t do that” and I did it! We are incorrigible.). You have to succeed in “feeling the business” and understanding your mistakes to succeed in setting up a real business. Believe in yourself, not giving up is already a step towards success.

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How to sell your shopify store?

Managing a shopify subscription can be very difficult. This may be due to several reasons. Therefore, you want to delete your account. However, be aware that there is another solution that will allow you not to permanently delete your account. By deleting it, you will lose all the investment you have made. The solution would then be to sell your shopify store. For this, there are several places where you can successfully sell your shopify store.

Where to sell your shopify store?

In order not to abruptly terminate its shopify subscription, you can choose to sell your store on a sales platform. There are several. For example, you can opt for selling on a marketplace. These are online ad platforms such as BizBuySell or BizQuest. These are very good places for you to successfully sell your shopify store. In addition to marketplaces, you can find a buyer at your store by using a broker. Or, you can auction it off on the Internet. Finally, you can sell your shopify store yourself by setting up a marketing campaign around it.

Set the price of your shopify store

Whatever you want to sell, you will have to set a price for it beforehand. For this, it is first necessary to determine its value. This is also topical for a shopify store. Moreover, this is the first thing to do to put a shop on sale. However, the value of an online store is not determined as if it were a vile object. Indeed, there are about more than 50 ways to determine the value of a shop. The easiest is the cash flow method. The value of the property is fixed by multiplying the cash flow by a given number.

Also, when you want to determine the value of your Shopify store, you’ll need to consider several criteria. We can mention: finances, traffic generated, operating time, market, customers and shop benefits.

Give all the necessary information to the purchasers

If you already have offers, it is important to provide a detailed report on the state of the shop to the buyers. This will allow them to really know what they want to buy. Also, it will be important in determining the price. In addition, you will have to put everything in order with your suppliers. This will make it easier for the buyer.

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