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Shopify subscription: What are the monthly subscription fees?

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Shopify subscription

Shopify offers you 3 subscriptions plus a commission on each transaction made. Additionally, there are a few apps that require payment before they can be used. Rest assured, even with these costs, we are doing very well! Here is a summary of all the costs, prices, fees related to transactions on Shopify. You will find what you can take and especially which shopify subscription to choose to start.

What’s the difference between Shopify’s three subscriptions?

Shopify subscription – Discover the best shopify subscription
Shopify subscription – Discover the best shopify subscription

There are three subscriptions with increasing price. The first will allow you to get started without any worries but under certain conditions. I always use the first version when I start alone on an e-commerce site project .

a formule Basic Shopify

Basic Shopify gives you the ability to sell your products unlimitedly. It is the less expensive alternative if you have a large range of products at your disposal. Shopify doesn’t set a limit for the number of items or file storage. However, features such as professional reports, gift cards or the ability to recover abandoned carts are not included. Telephone support is already part of the plan. There will be commissions of up to 2% on transactions.

The normal Shopify subscription

The plan named Shopify is $50 more expensive, but it has a lower credit card rate and offers more features . The rate charged for any payment with a card is 0.3% lower and the reports provide a better overview of the online sales store . This makes analysis more convenient and efficient. Either way, you should check your Google Analytics before upgrading to this plan. Indeed, it is free and will give you a good understanding of the performance of your online store. This plan also includes “gift cards” in addition to “Abandoned Cart Recovery,” though both of these features can be added for less with an app in Shopify Basic.

The advanced Shopify subscription

Advanced Shopify is the most expensive Shopify formula or plan. But therefore, the card payment rate is the least important. Thus, it offers the best shipping conditions in the United States. The Advanced shopify plan is the only option if you want real-time carrier shipping. This then means that the shipping costs are automatically calculated by a third party. Moreover, it has a generator for advanced reports. This will allow you to customize your own professional reports.

There is also Shopify plus!

Shopify Plus is an enterprise solution for organizations looking for a scalable online shopping site. Long story short: the price of Shopify Plus is around $2000 for each month. This is a massive increase over Shopify Advanced ($300).

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But what more will you get?

  1. A dedicated support team will help you with your launch and provide priority support 24/7.
  2. Your developers will have better access to the Shopify platform system to customize and edit code (cart script, dedicated API, etc.).
  3. You are covered with two additional cloned storefronts for internationalization. This means that the data is duplicated without impacting SEO to protect you in the event of an attack.

To get it, you must contact Shopify directly!

The cost of domain names

Common to all Shopify plans is that no domain or hosting and email are included. Shopify allows you to purchase a domain name for $14 per year for .com. In addition, you pay even more for extensions like .fr.

Additionally, each plan lets you add apps from the Shopify App Store or use a custom theme. Most of them are available for free, but if you need a special feature, it might cost you extra. Therefore, we advise you to try Shopify in full for the duration of the 14-day free trial.

Monthly or annual plans and cancellation

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel Shopify at any time, as long as you pay monthly. If you want to minimize your costs, you should opt for the monthly plan, especially at the beginning. Thereafter, you have the option of choosing another long-term prepayment option to benefit from a significant price reduction . You can also pause your store by paying a reduced monthly fee or block it and delete it permanently, thus canceling all the costs of the applications and Shopify connected to it (to be checked on a case-by-case basis).

In addition, in your country, use the gateway in place for Shopify payment. Otherwise, you will have to make the payment of an additional transaction and at a rate of up to 2% depending on the plan chosen.

Shopify’s transaction fees

There are two different fees: one that Shopify charges on turnover (varying from 0.5% to 2%) and another for payment methods (such as Stripe , Paypal , or Skrill). Please note that this does not apply to manual payment methods.

Fees can be completely avoided by using the Shopify Payments tool (it’s only available in the US, UK and Canada and hopefully one day in France). Payment gateway fees are approximately 3% + 30¢ for each transaction.

Shopify subscription: How to stop your subscription?

Shopify subscription – The different methods to stop your subscription
Shopify subscription – The different methods to stop your subscription

To stop your shopify subscription, you have the choice between different options. As a marketplace owner, you can temporarily suspend it. Indeed, you also have the option of closing your shop completely. To carry out these two processes, and stop your Shopify subscription, you have the option of choosing between several options.

How to suspend your store temporarily?

Suspending the store temporarily can be done by putting the store on standby. However, you can continue to work on it. By the way, you can make a complete suspension of the store. However, if you are on a free trial there is nothing to do to cancel the account. For the temporary suspension of the store, you must choose the most suitable package for the break. The “Pause and Build” plan helps you pause your store temporarily while still being able to work on it. The “Pause” package allows you to take a break from the store for a period of three months. However, you do not pay any subscription fees. So, with the “Pause and Build” plan, your store works and you can make changes to it. However, customers have the option of viewing the items without being able to purchase them.

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In addition, to completely suspend your store, you can use the “Pause” package. Thus, the suspension of your store can last three months. You are not charged for any subscription. You can reopen the store at any time during this closing period. However, if after the three months you do not reopen the store then you will have to pay a fixed price of 9 dollars per month. Indeed, with the “Pause” package you do not have the possibility to interact with the administrator interface or your sales platform. However, you must make it clear to your visitors that you will return. To do this, you need to set up a page. You will not have access to this page while the store is suspended.

How to close your shop?

If you decide to no longer use your online sales platform, you have the option of closing it permanently. Indeed, when you close your store, you will no longer be able to access the Shopify administrator interface. For a possible reconnection, you will need to enter the information related to your credit card. Afterwards, you can reactivate the store. However, if you decide to close the sales store, you will not be able to create a new one with the same domain or name. Thus, to have the confirmation of the closing of your shop you will have to consult its URL.

However, before your shop closes, you should make sure to settle some important details. Indeed, you must make sure to settle all your outstanding payments. Additionally, you must cancel services with apps that may have your payment information. Then, you must process the gift cards that are not yet used if you sell them beforehand. In case you own a domain purchased using Shopify, consider transferring it to another provider .

In addition, you can also sell the shop. This is possible only if you no longer want to use it. So, if you decide to sell your store , the most useful marketplace to help you out is Exchange. Indeed, listing your store on Exchange is a great way to sell it. In addition, with this marketplace you have a guarantee of security and simplicity in the process of posting, payment and transfer.

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Shopify subscription: What is shopify lite and how does it work?

Shopify subscription – Shopify lite, another useful alternative
Shopify subscription – Shopify lite, another useful alternative

To use an e-commerce platform, you need to carefully study all of its features . Indeed, the shopify platform is known for its efficiency in keeping the details very simple and allowing you to fully enjoy your investment. However, a lot of people are a little confused by shopify lite.

What is Shopify Lite?

Shopify lite is a plan that lets you set up your online store in minutes. Indeed, it is a very cheaper solution available on shopify , what differentiates shopify lite from other different plans is that the online sales store not only is not complete but it does not have a shopping cart . Shopify lite can be integrated into an already existing page or also into a website. For example, if you have a blog on the WordPress platform and you intend to sell articles, shopify lite helps you integrate the products to be sold while keeping your blog.

Why use Shopify Lite?

You can use shopify lite if you want to sell on social media. It can also be used if you have blogs that aim to sell both on Facebook and on the blog. With the use of shopify lite, you have an already fully integrated Facebook shop. So you can advertise on Facebook and direct people to your store. Indeed, to make their purchases, customers will not need to leave Facebook. You thus reduce the different steps for the realization of a sale. Also, with this feature all the products in your shopify lite plan can sync with your Facebook store. Thus, you no longer have to download products several times. In this case, you just have to work from the Shopify dashboard without worrying about Facebook.

With your items synced to your shopify account, any changes to a product’s price, image, or description will immediately reflect in your Facebook store. In addition, the integration with Facebook offers you a payment module directly on the social platform . Thus, the purchases made by your customers are secure. In addition, this prevents customers from having access to your website. In addition, the integration of shopify with your Facebook store offers the possibility for your customer to save their payment information.

Thus, for other purchases they will no longer have to provide the same information. Generally, Facebook Shops are customizable and have tools used for synchronization. Indeed, several shops start with Facebook to sell. If you are in this case you can use shopify lite. The same is true for those who have a page and a blog.

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