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Shopify Themes: Which Shopify Theme to Choose?

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Shopify Themes: Which Shopify Theme to Choose?

Shopify offers on the one hand totally free themes and on the other hand paid themes. For which shopify themes should we then opt to hope for maximum profitability in dropshipping? Is it that interesting to buy a shopify theme that is paid or can we get everything to start with one that is free?

Why buy a paid shopify theme?

Buying a Shopify theme is like opting for a good investment. It represents a sum that is on average below 200 €. Why do many people buy a theme when there are free ones that are offered by Shopify? It’s very simple, paid themes are optimized for SEO and conversion (SEO). They also save considerable time.

Paid themes generally offer:

  1. Excellent SEO optimization. Indeed, the majority of free themes (and that’s pretty crazy) are not optimized for SEO. There is a bad hierarchy, tags that are no longer useful for much, important options or assortments that can not be modified.
  2. A totally responsive site! When you use a page editor, you take the risk of having a mobile or computer version that does not adapt as easily as you would have liked! The paid themes on Shopify are just great at this level.
  3. New options that provide more personalized settings and that will really differentiate your website from those of your competitors. Built-in programs like counters, review lists, etc. These programs or applications are usually paid on the Shopify app store.
  4. Information, product pages, FAQs already configured! And that’s the difference, which saves a lot of time. 💎
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Shopify Themes – Four Good Reasons to Go for a Paid Theme
Shopify Themes – Four Good Reasons to Go for a Paid Theme

Plus, using paid Shopify themes can save a lot of time! It can take longer than having to redo all the product pages, redo the layouts, create FAQs, place the delivery time text, and try to optimize the SEO in the code…. In fact, paid Shopify themes save time and significantly improve the look of your store. This will increase your conversion rate. If you are not satisfied with the code, design and creation of the store, there is no doubt that it can help you.

The other good side that is not to be neglected, is the punctuality of a community and a service that can help you in case of problems. In addition, these themes are updated regularly and allow access to new features that will certainly set you apart from your competitors.

I have of course tested different paid themes offered by Shopify. I present here a list that will gradually grow. There are both Francophone and Anglophone themes. The great positive point of taking a French theme like Speedfly lies in the after-sales service and its team who will be able to exchange much more easily with you 🙂

Paid shopify themes that are currently available for download:

  • The excellent Speedfly is my favorite. He has a team that is as pleasant as it is energetic!
  • The themes that Shopify offers are available directly on the Shopify theme buying site.
  • The Fastlane theme created by Ulrich.
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For the installation of a paid shopify theme, you simply need:

  • Download the paid theme from the designer’s website (do not buy it for free or from another private person, it is illegal)
  • When the download is complete, go to shopify and log in.
  • In the area to change the theme, there is a section “download the theme or upload the theme”.
  • It will be enough to drag the theme into this box in order to be able to install it on shopify.
  • The theme will then be found in the gallery of existing themes.

It only takes a few clicks to install a shopify theme. The license corresponds to one store, and some themes (like Speedfly) offer themes with multiple licenses.

Free Shopify Themes

Of course, Shopify offers quality free shopify themes where Brooklyn remains my favorite! Here is the list of free shopify themes:

  • Simple, as the name suggests, it remains very sober.
  • Boundless;
  • Venture, dynamic, focused on sports products;
  • Debut;
  • Jumpstart;
  • Narrative;
  • Brooklyn, good for the classy, wine or luxury side;
  • Pop, for a fresh side but I remain quite opposed to the use of a left side menu.
  • Supply;
  • Minimal.

It should be noted that each free theme has its variants and the colors can be changed. However, do not forget, what is important. That’s what we do with it! A good theme that has not been worked with branding, a visual identity and for which a marketing strategy has not been considered, will not necessarily bring more sales than free themes.

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Some tips for a good choice of free themes

Shopify Themes – How to Make a Good Choice?
Shopify Themes – How to Make a Good Choice?

To make a good choice of free Shopify themes, it’s important that you base yourself on certain specific criteria.


It is obvious that design or conception is the very first criterion that must be considered to choose a theme. Even though every design has technical details and almost anything can be customized via CSS, it’s essential to choose a shopify fastlane design theme that inspires and pleases you.

Analysis of product pages

I think the product page is more important than the homepage or category page. The product page must convince Users to go to the checkout. For commercial sites, this is a heavy strategic task.

Therefore, check if your preferred theme product board contains the necessary information for the sale. You would still be able to add metafiles, but if you are already starting with a suitable theme, then you have a chance to win. To customize everything via CSS, then choose a single-product shopify theme that inspires you.


Some Shopify affiliates like feature-rich themes. The same applies to some traders. This allows them to get a lot of features at a low price.” I think it’s a good choice.
The purpose of the theme, whether it’s free or not, is not to add features. This is the purpose of the application. Choosing a prestige shopify theme filled with JavaScript code and conditional logic to fit any situation will slow down your website.

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Shopify Themes: Why Find the Right and Ideal Theme?

Is a theme with a specific function or layout really thoughtful? Do people really care about the color of my website? These are questions you surely ask yourself.

The key is that the theme and layout of the store are the elements that encapsulate the brand and product. They are a visual representation of your brand and the value you communicate across the entire company.

Indeed, these different factors influence the conversion rate and the credibility of your store. As proof, several studies rely on the effectiveness of certain specific web layouts and designs.

Thus, Internet users who browse websites generally follow the “F” model. It simply means that a website with a headline and a navigation bar on the left is the most user-friendly for first-time visitors. If they meet professional quality standards, the theme and your web design can improve the credibility of your online store.

Most internet users said they don’t trust ecommerce sites because of the poor website design. Therefore, an e-commerce website that is not designed by professionals can hurt the company’s performance.

Shopify themes: What you need to know before choosing

When it comes to choosing a theme for your shop, it can seem confusing and sometimes challenging.
If this is the very first time you have embarked on the creation of an e-commerce site, it is quite legitimate that you do not know on what criteria to base yourself to choose one or more themes that will highlight your store.

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In reality, as soon as you create your online store on shopify, a default premium theme will be provided to you. Several options will be made available to you for customizing, testing and installing the new themes you have chosen.

The default installed theme works well and you’ll be able to use it to launch and launch your Shopify store. This can be a great way to familiarize yourself with custom themes and learn how to explore features and design options from the store interface.

Before installing other themes, it is best to use it to master the process. For this, these few questions will be of great help to you:

  • What user experience do you want to bring to Internet users and what features will be useful to you for your store?
  • What points and materials do you like on competing sites and how to reproduce them on your site?
  • How do you want to display your items in your online store and how many products do you offer?
  • Would you like to have a free theme or a paid theme?

T not rely on colors or fonts to make your choice, because you have the possibility to modify them later. After reviewing the above questions, you can now visit the Shopify theme store to start exploring the different themes available.

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In addition, if you want to create totally unique products for your business, you have the opportunity to refer to the valuable advice of Shopify experts. If you have the budget to hire a designer, then this is the best choice you can make.

Shopify Themes: Top Search Tools

Shopify Themes – Some Tools and Features
Shopify Themes – Some Tools and Features

The latest update of the shopify theme store has added new features. These are the search and filtering tools. These will allow you to easily find themes that suit your store.

Filters: they will be used to explore each theme while taking into account the layout, the field of activity. The choice of themes should also be based on your marketing objectives.

You can choose a theme from the results filtered by catalog size, layout style, homepage function, social function, etc. Be specific and specific in the options of the topics you are interested in in order to focus on given features.

They will allow you to create the experience you want your visitors to have. Let him remind you that the themes that shopify will provide you with are just guidelines.

The search functions will allow you to find specific features (theme designers and other key terms).

The function of displaying favorite topics. It will allow you to regularly display updates according to theme trends, news, functions and styles.

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The store demo to test the themes in real time and customize them later with your photos and elements of your brand.

Before buying an article, it is fashionable to consult the reviews that talk about it to understand what other companies have to say about its quality and the reliability of the support team concerned.

Consider the reliability of the theme’s support team before making your choice

Thematic support is another important factor to consider when choosing. All questions related to the free theme are handled by the Shopify theme support team (you can contact them by sending an email to themesupport@shopify.com).

In addition, some developers have their own support team. So if you decide to use a theme developed by a team other than the Shopify team, then you’ll need to contact support staff directly if something goes wrong.

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