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Tutorial: How to create an online dropshipping store with Shopify?

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How to create an online dropshipping store with Shopify?

Creating an e-commerce or dropshipping store to sell products online is incredibly easy thanks to all the tools that allow us to create a site in less than a day and sell. These tools are called CMS like Shopify , WordPress with Woocommerce and Prestashop! I will show you step by step how you can get started and earn your first euros on the Internet.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the principle of selling products on the Internet without having stocks. You are therefore going to create an online store thanks to shopify, wordpress or prestashop in a few clicks which are CMS (Content Management System). You will then have to import products with a service like Oberlo and you can start advertising and selling. The products you will collect will never be in stock at your location. They will simply be presented on your website. As soon as a person buys the product on your site, you will place the order with the suppliers who will ship the package directly to your customer. Generally, we get supplies from Aliexpress. You will then apply a margin to be profitable on the products you sell. For example, you will buy products for five euros and offer them for €20 on your site in order to cover advertising and delivery costs and be able to pay you a salary. Dropshipping is therefore a way to earn a living on the Internet by minimizing its risks because there is no inventory to have unlike classic e-commerce sites.

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What are the benefits of dropshipping?

The advantages of dropshipping are multiple:

  • You minimize the financial risks as much as possible because you have no stocks.
  • So you don’t need to invest money or very little.
  • You can get started very quickly and open your shop the same evening.
  • You don’t need storage space.
  • You can choose from hundreds of thousands of products on the Internet.
  • You can very well earn your living and use it to create a real company by then creating a real e-commerce site and building up stocks.

The advantages are therefore financial, they are linked to the ease of setting up and creating an online store . There is a lot of training content that allows you to learn how to use the right levers and the right techniques to sell on the Internet. You therefore considerably avoid having unsold items and you can very well practice dropshipping with the status of self-employed entrepreneur which costs nothing.

What are the disadvantages of dropshipping?

As in any business, there are pros and cons. The big problem with dropshipping is that it is very accessible and so everyone gets into it. So it may have a very bad reputation with customers who may realize that they can supply themselves on Aliexpress. The disadvantages are therefore the following:

  • Delivery times can be very long, up to several weeks depending on the delivery method chosen and the geolocation of the supplier .
  • You have to order the products and test them because the quality made in china can leave something to be desired.
  • Packages may be blocked at customs and destroyed.
  • Visitors can buy the same product from your supplier if they realize that you are dropshipping.
  • It remains a business that is not particularly sustainable, which is why I offer training to completely transform your dropshipping activity and use dropshipping to test a market.
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Dropshipping is a good way to start making money on the Internet while minimizing the risks. However, it will be necessary to think further and create a real e-commerce business or sale of online services in order to sustain its activity.

How to avoid problems in dropshipping?

In order to avoid the disadvantages I mentioned above, you can very well choose a supplier who is reliable and who offers good quality products, you are not obliged to sell made in china. You can very well imagine doing dropshipping with artisans. In addition, you can very well choose a supplier who is close to your main customers to reduce the delivery time. For example, if you find a supplier in Europe, there will be no customs problems.because the goods have the right to circulate freely within the European Union. Thus, you get very fast delivery times while having no problem with customs. You can then personalize the products that you like and that are selling well to distinguish you from the products that are sold in dropshipping by your competitors.

Why is everyone starting dropshipping with Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is the largest dropshipping provider. It is disconcertingly easy to order products there and offers an absolutely titanic choice. It has stocks in Europe and the United States and otherwise offers to ship directly from China. It is the main provider of dropshipping sites for both beginners and experts. You can find lots of products that are sold elsewhere in physical stores in France.

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The majority of applications that make it very easy to import products into your store are optimized to very easily import products from aliexpress and even place the order automatically. This is the case of the Oberlo application. Thus, everyone starts dropshipping with aliexpress both because the choice is large, and because there are a lot of applications that allow you to work with aliexpress to create your store of winning products.

How to create your first store?

There are many solutions that allow you to create your first online store. We will focus on Shopify which is the leader in the creation of e-commerce sites. You will be able to create your very first store thanks to Shopify, but before that, you have to find a domain or products that you like. Here is a tutorial to launch your online store and sell with shopify in dropshipping. Of course, it’s possible to buy a turnkey e-commerce site, but I don’t recommend that. Quite simply because distance selling can be learned, in particular through the creation of a website using an e-commerce solution like Shopify, Magento, Wizishop, Dropizi or Woocommerce. In this way, you will understand exactly what technical skills you need and what type of Freelancer you need to work with you to improve the user experience, for example. And then, it’s rather very exciting to follow the evolution of the turnover following the creation of your e-commerce site that you have done from A to Z.

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Of course, if you use Shopify, everything is much simpler. You don’t need to search for web hosting as it is included in it. Setting up a dropshipping shop is then very simple because the theme contains many features, payment solutions are already integrated, the calculation of shipping costs is easy and so to follow. In addition, you must be declared at the launch of your store. Thus, you must have a legal status and be declared for example as a self-employed entrepreneur . Creating a store requires rigor on the legal aspect, which is very easy and allows you to do business in France as everywhere in the world.

How to find product ideas?

This is the question that poses the most problems for entrepreneurs who start dropshipping. It is absolutely normal to hesitate between several ideas. I advise you to create only one store at a time. Because often, we tend to want to do too many things and to embark on one of different subjects. The most interesting thing is to find a shop related to passions. Quite simply because you will be able to defend the products very well and choose what are really interesting. You can also write blog articles and content that will allow your visitors to learn things and trust you for a future purchase! Nothing like it to establish a relationship of trust.

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Write down on a sheet of paper all the areas in which you are knowledgeable. Then, do research on aliexpress and Google trends to find out if there are interesting products that are currently being sought on the Internet. If you want to create a shop with lots of products in different fields, is that you are going to create a general store. The goal will be to find the best products that then allow you to generate sales. However, I absolutely do not like this method and I recommend that you find a niche store instead. You will therefore seek to create a shop specializing in a specific area. If you are passionate about fishing, for example, you can create a shop about fishing with fishing equipment. If you are passionate about ukuleles, then you can only sell ukuleles on the Internet. That’s what I did for a long time. I was seen as the ukulele specialist while also selling lessons. So it’s up to you to choose, the advantage of the niche is that you can retrieve very precise data about your customers and thus optimize your ads. You can find on my youtube channel free tutorials in French for dropshipping in order to recover products, as well as paid tutorials in my paid training courses which are much more qualitative.

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Do not forget to check the shipping costs and delivery times carefully so that they do not shock your customers. You sell products that may come from the other side of the world. In this case, you must allow your customers to have a tracking number. The carriers can be different and this greatly influences the cost of transporting your goods. We pay for the quality we have!

How to design an online store?

As I told you, you will have to use Shopify. You can suddenly create a menu, a home page and product pages to sell. The great thing about Shopify is that you don’t need to code at all. The payment forms, the functioning of the website and its adaptation to mobile and computer are already established. In reality, you are going to need to customize the site with colors, a nice logo and import products. I teach you all this through my online dropshipping training. You will discover step by step how to create an online store and sell your very first products. I assure you that designing a site with Shopify is child’s play. Many students who have never created websites before manage to master the tool the same day.

How do I add products to my e-commerce store?

Importing products into your e-commerce store will be very easy thanks to the Oberlo plug-in. It allows you to import products to your store by visiting aliexpress. The process is therefore very simple:

  1. Log in to Oberlo.
  2. Go to your supplier’s site like aliexpress.
  3. Once you like a product, you’ll see an Oberlo button appear next to it.
  4. Click on this button to import it into Oberlo.
  5. Then on the Oberlo website tab while logged in.
  6. You can edit the product you just imported in Oberlo . You can edit the name, price and description.
  7. Once the product is edited, you simply click on the “import” button in my shop.
  8. It’s ready ! You can start selling 🙂
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It’s that simple with Oberlo and Aliexpress. If in doubt, you can follow the Oberlo tutorial below or the integrated training in Oberlo. You can of course supply yourself from other providers, but the advantage of Oberlo is clearly to be very optimized for Aliexpress. In addition, you will need other applications depending on your needs. You can find top apps on the “ shopify app store ” like Loox to integrate reviews.

How do I advertise to sell my e-commerce products?

There are different acquisition channels for advertising on the Internet. Can talk about Facebook, Google Adwords, Instagram, Snapchat or SEO. Depending on your field, you may favor one or the other acquisition channel. Often, we tend to believe that there must be one and only one that is supposedly better than the others. This is totally false, they are complementary and respond to different issues. It is quite possible that your business is oriented on Facebook advertising and a little natural referencing while including Google Adwords.

This is therefore the most crucial step, which is the one that will generate the most expenditure. How are you going to find customers and generate revenue while covering advertising costs? There is no miraculous recipe except to test and test again. Business marketing teams spend their time doing tests both on the audiences that are targeted by advertisements and on the creation of the pages of the website to which customers arrive via AB testing. Then you need to do some real market research to know your customers. Then, you will have to test all the acquisition channels that seem interesting to you and carry out tests according to the targets, the images, the speech that you are going to use and of course your budget and your margins.

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How to ship the product to the customer?

This is the easiest step thanks to Oberlo and Shopify. All you have to do is press the collect payment button in Shopify and then, in your order manager, click on order with Oberlo. Then let the Oberlo plugin do its thing. She will open the aliexpress pages and place the order for you. The Oberlo extension will automatically fill in the customer’s addressby selecting the right product. You will simply have to validate the order by clicking on the pay button present in the aliexpress. It is done ! Your product has been ordered and is on its way to your customer. Congratulations on your first sale! Now think about the future and the LTV (long time value), that is to say that you must work on the loyalty of your customer to increase your turnover by offering him other products, variations for example!

As you can see, anyone can start creating an online dropshipping business. Nevertheless, it is not as easy to achieve success and earn a lot of money as we can hear on the Internet. I therefore warn you against the sellers of dreams. You can very well pay yourself a nice salary, but be careful, you will have to work, learn and persevere! I invite you to get out of your comfort zone and embark on this wonderful adventure on the Internet and gain your financial independence now! Start by training, learning, testing, watching a lot of tutorials in French or English if you can!

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